Hi and welcome to Simply + Every! My name is JeeYoung and I am a 35 year mom to three boys under five. I work at home as a consultant in the HR industry and blog at night to satiate the creative in my soul. I love to write about all things parenting, motherhood, mom style, and random lifestyle posts to connect, help, and inspire those who come across my every day posts. This is my little haven. The place I have just for myself, to share whatever is on my heart or mind. And someday in the future, it will hopefully serve as the memory book of my life’s sweetest and simplest moments.

On the daily, you can catch me living my (basic) mom life, complete with top knot, leggings as pants, and a Starbucks (or mug of hot coffee) in my hand. Most days, I thrive in our every day (happy) chaos that comes with the territory of being a family of FIVE! I wear my heart on my sleeve and I find my true joy in serving others. This blog is the culmination of a random 5am domain purchase and pure happenstance. I write for my day job and it’s always been a passion of mine to write for myself. It’s the self-proclaimed bookworm in me!

Like many others, I enjoy sleeping, cooking, reading, writing, shopping, eating, drinking hot coffee. All of life’s essential things that take a little bit more effort these days while mothering my three little boys.

This little place of the internet is where I share my attempt at living life simply, happily every day. Simply Every is a place for moms, parents and women to connect and share the ups and downs of the roller coaster ride of life, parenting and everything in between. With tips, reviews, guides and every day stories to help navigate the happy chaos that is parenthood! Though, I still struggle often, I choose to live thankfully through and by His grace.


Thanks for stopping by!