Today, You Are 8!

I am currently rubbing my eyes as I lie awake in bed. Listening to you and your little brothers shriek with laughter, as you banter and wrestle out your Saturday AM energy.

Is it the groggy morning making my eyes swell? Or is it the bittersweet moment of realizing that today, you are 8!

Our first baby and the leader of our pack, A – this past year you have grown in so many unexpected ways. Not only as you all do each passing year, but you have amazed us with how you’ve handled all the changes that have rocked your world this year of ‘Rona.

Taking each (bad) news in stride, with humility, grace, and a resilient attitude that things will be okay.

You tell me you’re not a baby anymore. But, I always say, “you’ll always be my baby,” and you respond “your FIRST baby!”

You cringe when I try to kiss you in public. But, run over to cuddle me when I least expect it and swiftly kiss my cheeks.

Your friends are your world. But, you take care of your little brothers and watch out for them just the same.

Your dad is your forever hero and the bond I see between you two grow is one of my life’s greatest joys.

I blinked and you grew.

Just like that you are already 8! How is that possible when I’m only 21?!😜

If I’m being honest, I spend nearly every night scrolling through pictures and videos of when you and your brothers were actually babies, hazily remembering an altogether different kind of hard from way back then.

The days of newborn exhaustion have quickly become a distant memory and now I spend my days wondering if I’ve yelled too much. If I’ve loved you enough. If I’m doing the right things to mold you into a good human being.

As always, you have been and will always be my life’s greatest teacher. We’re learning it together day by day, you and I. Flexing as we tackle the next milestone and phase of your adolescence.

I can only hope to show you as much grace as you give me.

You’re wildly independent, loyal, loving and kind. You love the arts and sciences. You love to play golf, baseball, basketball, and every other -ball.

You’re a rule follower through and through. Still my ever so cautious one, you’ve ‘grown out of’ being as shy; but, the remnants of your old, reserved soul will always be part of who you are.

Stubborn, studious like umma. Silly, steadfast like daddy. You are the best parts of both of us and seeing you grow every year is a bittersweet realization that we must be doing something right in this parenting gig.

8! Today, you are 8! I can’t wait to see what this next year will bring.

Happy 8th birthday, my sweet A.

I love you so much, THISMUCH, forever and ever.

All photos by Apple of Our Eye Photography

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