My Simple Wellness Routine

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Like many of you, I’ve been focusing a lot on my overall wellness to carry us through these chaotic days of motherhood, work life, remote learning, home keeping and everything in between.

From working out regularly, getting enough sleep, and improving my eating habits, I’ve consciously taken the time to better care for myself and my overall health. There were so many days and weeks I spent doing things on the fly and it just caused more disruption to my life. And at the heart of it was me not taking care of myself physically. So I started to implement small changes that have made a big impact to my energy levels and the way I feel day to day.

My Simple Wellness Routine

Here’s an update on some of my current supplements and vitamins that help make me feel better from the inside out.

My Simple Wellness Routine

My Simple Wellness Routine

Renew Life® – Ultimate Flora Extra Care Probiotic 30B

I started taking Renew Life Ultimate Flora Extra Care Probiotic 30B back in 2017. I was freshly postpartum after having Baby B and having some mild digestive issues. Regularly taking this probiotic has helped support my digestive health. There are times that I’ve run out or forgotten to take it and I can immediately notice a difference in my overall gut health on those days.

Rainbow Light® – Counter Attack

Supporting my immune health is of utmost importance this and every year. Rainbow Light – Counter Attack helps support immune response. I love that it’s Gluten-Free and Vegan.  

Neocell® – Super Collagen + C

Neocell Super Collagen + C is a great supplement to promote healthy skin, hair, nails and joint support. If you’re looking to try a new collagen supplement, I highly recommend this one for your wellness routine.

Natural Vitality CALM®  – Raspberry Lemon

I’ve been taking this magnesium supplement for my occasional stress. Magnesium is a great supplement to help relieve stress and I love how easy it is to add to a glass of water. The Raspberry Lemon Calm is so yummy, too!

Trying to Get 7-8 Hours of Sleep Every Night

Getting enough sleep every night makes a huge difference in my energy level the following day. I’m trying to be mindful of shutting my phone off and meditating before going to bed. Even the few minutes of peace and quiet helps to shut my brain off for the day and get a good night’s rest.

Drinking 100 oz. of Water Daily

I’m still working toward this goal, but I’m trying really hard to stay hydrated throughout the day and use a water tracking app to keep an eye on my daily water intake. 

Working Out 3-5x Weekly

Starting earlier this year, I started to become more active with working out at home. October was a really great month for me and I hope to keep the momentum of working out 3-5x a week going for the long term. The mental clarity is so refreshing and I can definitely feel myself getting physically stronger too.

Eating Regularly 3-5x Daily

I am usually terrible about eating regularly. So this is an ongoing goal I have to upkeep my overall wellness. Back in the fall, I started to eat better and on a more regimented schedule and it’s been great not to be sporadic with my dietary needs and health.

My Simple Wellness Routine

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My Simple Wellness Routine

My Simple Wellness Routine

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