2020 Holidays – Mother in Law Gift Ideas

I’m going to keep all my gift guides as simple as possible. The items I’ve sourced are gifts that have been loved by recipients in my friend and family circles over the years. Classic, thoughtful, and useful gifts that tend to stand the test of time.

There are a few new gift ideas sprinkled in throughout each gift guide. But, again they are gifts that I’ll personally be buying for friends and family. While it’s not an extensive list as far as guides go, I hope you find one or a few ideas that will be the perfect gift this season for your loved ones this holiday.

2020 Holidays - Mother in Law Gift Ideas

2020 Holidays – Mother in Law Gift Ideas

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  1. Madeleine Cookie Baking Sheet (one, two, three) | 2. Christmas Santa Mugs| 3. Moscow Mule Mugs | 4. Personalized Grandma Snow Globe | 5. Personalized Yarn Bowl | 6. Mortar + Pistol Set | 7. Cozy Mittens | 8. Michel Design Works Foaming Hand Soap in Honey Almond | 9. Grandkids Photo Holder | 10. What I Love About Grandma Journal | 11. Compression House Slippers| 12. 6 Wick Hand Poured Soy Candle | 13. Flora Ceramic Vase | 14. Traditional Bread Warming Set | 15. Personalized Throw Pillow Case

My in-laws have everything and are one of the hardest people to gift for birthdays and holidays. We’ve done gift cards and gift baskets of their favorite treats throughout the years. But, during the holidays, I try to find a special gift or two that they haven’t received in the past.

My MIL is a baker, loves coffee/tea, crocheting/knitting, personalized ‘grandma’ gifts, and cozy gifts that are so useful during our cold winter season. Here is a list of my go-to hits for the special MIL, (grandma, mom, aunt, etc.) in your life:

1.) My MIL LOVES baking the kids madeleine cookies (and we love eating them!) These madeleine baking sheets from Williams-Sonoma are such great quality. I gifted them to her many years ago and they’re still in great shape and she uses them frequently. I found a few other options and sizes here and here as well.

2.) Both of my in-laws are coffee lovers. She loves this cute set of four Santa mugs during the holidays.

3.) For the MIL that enjoys a refreshing drink ;), this Moscow Mule set is beautifully designed and a pretty twist on the traditional mug designs.

4.) We gifted my MIL this personalized snow globe for Mother’s Day several years ago. It’s still one of her favorite gifts that she proudly displays in her china cabinet year round.

5.) If your MIL is a knitter like mine, she will love this beautifully made yarn bowl that makes her favorite hobby easy to navigate as she takes on her next project.

6.) Both my MIL and my mom love this mortar and pistol set. It’s such a useful tool to have for their kitchens. I’m probably going to grab one for myself this year. One of Amazon’s best sellers, too.

7.) Cozy mittens are a must have in Michigan, this set comes in a variety of colors and my MIL loves how soft and warm they are on the inside without making her hands clammy/sweaty.

8.) My MIL actually introduced me to this foaming hand soap. We both love all the different scents and how it doesn’t dry out our hands. With the frequent handwashing happening these days, this is a great gift item for anyone on your holiday list.

9.) Does your MIL have a ton of photos hanging everywhere like mine does? There is never too many photos in my MIL’s house, so we love gifting her special and different ways of displaying them. This one is being shipped to our house shortly.

10.) This is a great gift for the kids to write in and wrap up for their grandma(s)! Whimsical, fun, personal, and a keepsake for all special grandmas. Grabbed this one for the boys to fill out this year.

11.) My MIL loves a good compression sock and needs them too! I found these compression slippers that I think she will wear comfortably throughout the winter season.

12.) I actually just bought these a few days ago in the farmhouse scent. We’re all candle lovers, especially during the cold season. I grabbed one for myself, my mom, and my MIL. Love supporting small shops, too!

13.) If your MIL loves fresh flowers, this beautiful flora vase is sure to be a favorite. I love the beautiful color and design.

14.) Fresh bread is always a staple with dinner by my MIL. This traditional bread warming plate is so useful and well made. She and I both love the beautifully designed cover that always adds a special touch to family dinners.

15.) This is an old favorite and best seller on Etsy. A personalized throw pillow case with all the grandkids or what your kids call their grandparents is a cute and useful gift idea that will be a favorite for Christmas!

All 15 gifts in this 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for your Mother in Law are so useful, great quality, and have been loved by David’s mom. 🙂 Hope you’re able to find something great for your MIL from this list!

2020 Holidays – Mother in Law Gift Ideas

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