To My Husband on Our Ten Year Wedding Anniversary

I’ve always been a bookworm. But, my favorite stories to read are found in random humanity articles or on the pages like Humans of New York.

The forever love stories of people who met by chance, fell in love, and lived a beautifully, ordinary life full of hope, love, sadness, despair, triumph, growth, endurance, and most of all laughter.

There’s always a few bumps in every story I read. But, those are the ones that get to me most. The incredibly ordinary love stories that depict the beauty in the mundane and basking in the simple moments we tend to forget in the every day busy-ness of living life.

Because to me, that’s what real love (and real marriage) is; an every day kind of ordinary love that carries us through the ups and downs of life’s unexpected moments.

At least that’s been my experience these last ten years of learning and growing in love with you.

A lifelong journey of two people who mature together; as individuals, as partners, as parents. Sometimes silently (and other times loudly – mostly me), seething with anger and resentment. But, time and patience and humor in the silliest moments quelling the flames and recharging us for the next hurdle, obstacle, or stupid, meaningless bickering. Reminding us to work harder, to hold on for another day, another stretch of the heart to become better for each other and our own selves.

Who knew that the fresh college grad walking into her first “real life” job in the real world would end up meeting her happily ever Prince Charming?

It’s like I can’t remember life before we met, yet it felt like an eternity until I found you.

Ten Years of My Life with David

To our three year old, it sounds like “FOREBAH, to our parents it’s only just the beginning.

Ten whole years of learning every little annoying and refreshing detail about each other. The good, the bad, the mundane.

How your skin crawls listening to me eating snacks in bed. How I hurl when you try to hug me after a sweaty workout.

How you make me ugly laugh with the silliest impressions. How I make you chuckle with my sarcastic call-outs.

How we pass out (you incredibly fast!) most nights from the exhaustion of our every days, but still find passing moments to dance together in the kitchen. From your love taps while I cook to the early morning glimpses I catch of you lookin’ like a snack ;).

How we text fight to diffuse our anger. How we dance like club hoppers to embarrass our boys. From traveling the world to binge watching our favorite shows (there’s only a few). From our five year plans to chasing the next dream.

Ten years sure flew by. And if I could summarize in one short phrase, there is no one else in the world who can make me ugly laugh like you.

Newlyweds to Ten Years Married

Ten years ago, I might’ve been a tiny bit scared and most definitely naive. I know better now. Less than what I’ll know ten years from now. But, more than I did as a newlywed.

That marriage isn’t defined by the happy moments, but the work that we both put in day in and day out through the hard ones.

God knew what he was doing when He made you because there is no better life partner, babies’ daddy, and love of my life than you.<3

Ten years. Three Houses. Two Dogs. Three kids. And a decade of life experiences later, we’re here.

I promise to love you more today than yesterday. Less today than I will tomorrow. You are my life’s greatest love story. The best kind of every day love that I never knew existed until you.

I can’t wait to see what the next decade holds. For better or for worse, in sickness and in health; you will always be my home.

Happy tenth anniversary, babes.

(Don’t worry, I’ll be smiling ear to ear from reading your two sentence funny anniversary card. As much as you’ll be shedding a tear reading this post.)



Thank you to Kim of Apple of Our Photography for all our beautiful photos.

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  1. Bao wrote:

    Congratulations on your 10 anniversary!! The photos looks wonderful, if you don’t mine me asking where or what park were they taken at?


    Posted 9.18.20

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