How I Find My Strength as a Work at Home Mom

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Between my day job, my blog, remote learning, home, husband, and raising three boys; by bedtime, I am tapped out. I often get caught up in the day to day craze and it all catches up with me. As we navigate our new normal, I’m finding myself feeling like a chicken with its head cut off. You feel me, friends?

I just keep telling myself I thrive on chaos. The whole fake it ’til you make it vibe is in full force around here. I am trying my best to do little, basic things during the work day and after, in order to recharge and find my strength in the midst of working / mom life chaos. Call it self-care, call it survival, but the days that I find productivity and an overall sense of calm is directly correlated to these things I need to do for myself.

During a year, when all of us are handling so much at a time, it really is so important to share in on the commiseration. But, also I want to be here to share simple, do-able things that can make our days easier. To uplift ourselves when we need it most, to find strength when we seem to be depleted of it. You all have always been a source of strength for me. Not to be cheesy, but thanks for being here to lean on each other, especially during a year like 2020. <3

How I Find My Strength as a Work at Home Mom

How I Find Strength as a Work at Home Mom

These aren’t mind-boggling and definitely not ingenious, but hopefully it’s a good reminder for all of us, to take some time to do basic things for ourselves. It changes daily, but I’ve been trying any or all of the following to stay sane in the midst of chaos:

Take a Hot Shower or Bath

Anyone else love taking a hot, HOT shower in peace? Or soaking in the tub after throwing the kids down for the night?

Health Routine

I shared a while back supplements I’m taking in my 30s, and for the last month, I’ve been taking the Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews to my daily health routine. I remember my mom taking these when I was a kid! Now here we are, I get to take them whenever I want. 😉 Honestly, they taste so delicious, I have to remind myself that I only need two chews a day to get my 100% of DV of Calcium. If you haven’t tried it, get on it sis. They’re so good. Like really yummy and so good for your body strength and health routine! Win, win.


Whether it’s a long ride on the bike or getting outside WITH the kids to get some fresh air, there’s nothing that clears my mind like exercise. I’m still trying to get in a good routine, if I’m being honest, the last month has been totally void of exercise. And it’s starting to show! Clearly at my wit’s end around here. But, usually it’s the first thing I turn to when I feel overloaded with the chaos of life.

Adult Beverages

I can’t drink much, but a glass of wine or spiked seltzer with or after dinner is pretty relaxing. It slows down all the random thoughts going on in my head. Virtual wine, WC date, anyone? I’m always up for a little socialization via phone/internet. 🙂

Take a Break

At any given point during the day, when I’m at my wit’s end, I turn the TV on and ignore my kids for some solo time. It’s usually the hour in the late afternoon, when everyone’s strength is depleted. We all need it at that point. Guilt-free break to recharge and tackle the rest of the day’s agenda and workload.

Rage Clean

This is my OCD term for going on a cleaning spree in and around my whole house. Whenever I feel helpless, rage cleaning helps me calm my anxiety and to gain control in other areas of my life. David steers clear and lets me go to town around the house. Win, win for him ;).

How I Find My Strength as a Work at Home Mom

Get Ready Daily

I’ve been trying to make this a habit. Being a work at home mom, there are many days when I end up working half the day in my pajamas. Comfort is one thing, but I’ve noticed that the days that I get ready, I’m much more energetic and productive.

Leisure Reading

I downloaded a few books a while back and I’m determined to get through my list. Reading during my non-work hours is one of my favorite pastimes. It clears my mind and makes me much more motivated to tackle my many to-do lists, since I can enjoy the peaceful time of leisure reading the next night.

Netflix and Chill

These days, watching some old re-runs of my favorite series has been my go-to to shut my brain off from the noise of the day. It’s better than mindlessly scrolling social media. And my brain (and body tbh) feel a little lighter after a night of watching my favorite shows. And most nights, I’m enjoying my favorite snacks and candies all by lonesome. 😉

At Home Manicure/Pedicure

I stopped going to the nail salon last winter prior to all of this chaos. I’ve been back once since they re-opened, but I’ve also loved switching up my colors frequently. I’m currently loving all the fall colors.

Share with me your go-to recharge things you like doing for yourself? Always looking to add to my list and I love finding out the different things you all (the strongest women I know on the internets!) like to do and enjoy.

Don’t forget to grab Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews on your next grocery run! Caramel is my favorite. David prefers the chocolate, in case you were wondering. 😉

How I Find My Strength as a Work at Home Mom

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