Simple Organization Tips for the School Year

Are you planning for the new school year? Read this post for simple and easy organization tips to make your day smoother!

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Back to school time is usually a time for me to get back into a routine. While this year is still filled with unknowns, I’m trying my best to come up with a routine that will work for all of us. As a work at home mom, I’m implementing some simple organization tips and hacks to keep myself and the kids on a manageable schedule.

Here are some of my favorite ways to stay organized and on task using our favorite Post-it products:

Simple Organization Tips for the School Year

DIY Calendar

I haven’t bought a planner because I never used my last one. Anyone else? I love being able to set up a DIY Calendar with Post-it’s Weekly Planner. The best part is that when your mom brain fails you, it’s easily interchangeable, and you can change it up as you need to! 🙂 It comes with 6 Post-it pads and a note pocket that makes it easy to write in all of the things to do for work, school, mom life, etc. While our schedules may look a little different, I am all for creating a loose one that will help us keep our sanity intact. 

You can tape a sheet to a wall, leave on your desk, or just leave it on the pad. Write in your daily notes for the day and swap out as needed, so easy and useful!

Simple Organization Tips for the School Year

Don’t forget to add a Post-it® Get It Done List Pad to your cart 🙂 Who doesn’t love crossing off things to keep yourself motivated throughout the day?

Lunch / Meal Planning

I am back on the Bento Box lunch train. Whether it’s at school or virtual learning at home, I want to try my best to keep normalcy and routine to my kids’ days. It’s a great way for me to make sure I don’t skip lunch either. 

I just go through our fridge at the start of the week and write out the lunches for the school/work days. It sounds super simple because it is; just jot down the foods you know you have in stock and go through it each day for lunch.

If you have a super A-type kid like my oldest, your kids will love knowing what meals to expect and gets them excited for the school week, too.

Chore Chart

Now that summer is coming to an end, getting my kids back on a regular chore / help-around-the-house schedule is something that I’m focusing on. Home Economics 101 is at the top of my priority teaching list, too! These fun Post-It Notes help to get the boys excited about writing out their chores for the day and you can use the Rewards Chart to motivate them to get it all done, too.

Reward Chart

I learned this one from my oldest’s Kindergarten teacher. A weekly reward chart that they earn notes for every day when they do something nice or lend a helping hand to me or their brothers. This works so well for positive reinforcement with the boys. At the end of the week, depending on how many notes they’ve earned, I let them choose a goody or two out of a small prize box that I’ve saved for just this! They encourage each other to do kind things throughout the day, so having the chart out in their playroom is a great motivational tool.

Simple Organization Tips for the School Year

Check In Time

Not sure exactly what I’m going to call this yet. But, with all the changes that our kids are going through, I’m going to try and make sure to do a “check-in” time with the boys. It’ll probably be random, whenever I actually remember to do it, but making a fun activity to gauge how they’re feeling and what things they’re liking about the new school day is my mom hack for this school year.

I’ll use the fun emoji and rainbow and shape Post-it notes, ask them to draw or journal a page or two about how the day or week went and use it as a starting point to make sure that we’re having ongoing conversations about their mental and emotional health, too.

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Are you in BTS prep mode? What are some of your organization tips as we head into the new year?

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Simple Organization Tips for the School Year

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