Happy 5th Birthday, My Sweet C.

Every year, every dang year, I sit here before writing your birthday letter, and my eyes always well up with tears.

Maybe it’s because you’re my mini-me. Maybe it’s because you’re my spirit animal. Maybe it’s because you’re my middle little. Maybe it’s all of the above.

You are Five!

Much like your first year, these last five years have truly been a wonder of the passing of time.

C – my sweet darling C. I love you so much, all the way to my back. Like you show me every day.

You have grown into your own little spitfire personality this past year. Always trying to keep up with your hyung-ah and hang with the big boys. You adore and idolize A in nearly every way. I love so much that you both love sharing a room.

The whispers in the night and stories I hear you tell one another, warms my heart and makes me smile and whisper laugh at night when I’ve “thrown you both down” for the night. 😉

You and Baby B are the truest of best buds. With A being busy with his schedule and friends, you and B have become partners in crime. I know you don’t feel like a hyung-ah because you’re used to being A’s little brother. But, you’ve grown up in so many ways this year. Showing B the way (and some not good ways) to play, have fun, laugh, dance and enjoy all the best parts of life.

Your Dance Moves are Fire

Seriously, your singing and dancing, I swear – nothing makes me and your dad giggle like the way you sway your hips whenever you hear a tune. Let’s not forget about your love for hats and accessories. Our resident fashion expert, you have always danced to the beat of your own song. And you continue to flourish in confidence as you grow.

Forever our care taker, always our extra AF personality. You are wise beyond your years and so deeply intelligent. Your dad and I have wild dreams that you’ll be someone B I G one day soon when you’re all grown up and on your own.

You Feel All the BIG Feelings

As one does, when you’re newly five. You’re stubborn, just like your umma. Carefree and wild just like your daddy. You know what you like (eating steak, dancing, being outdoors, playing tennis, and riding cars), what you don’t (yard work, cleaning, a messy bed), and what you love (babies, animals of all kinds, and your family). And I laugh thinking about all your quirky songs and phrases – “Christmasss like a home in a ride…”

Our little bird – lean and strong, chirping all your stories to us daily. You have a special piece of your dad and my hearts. And I fervently pray that we are doing all of things to guide you in the best way.

Thank you for always reminding me to live my best life! I hope your zeal for life will carry you through all the days to come.

Happy 5th birthday, my sweet darling C. I love you to the moon and back. And back again.

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