Back to School Shopping Guide for Boys’ Clothing

Are you getting ready for Back to School? Read this post for my Back to School Shopping Guide for Boys’ Clothing!

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I can hardly believe it, but back to school is just a few weeks away! We’ve tentatively made the decision to send our big boys to in-person school. While we don’t know exactly what the new school year will look like, the Dubs Brudders are overdue for a closet refresh. I swear, they’re growing so fast these days!

I typically shop and stock up on all of their essentials at the start of the school year and near the end of the school year. So, despite what the new school year will look like, it’s due time to add a new haul of clothes to their wardrobe.

With raising three boys, ages 7, 5, and 3, I’ve got it down for the comfortable, stylish, and functional pieces that you need for to refresh your kids’ closets. All the clothing pieces that they will wear without complaint. Makes for a much easier morning routine, in my opinion. 😊

Back to School Shopping Guide for Boys’ Clothing
(Boys Outfits: Graphic Tee, Track Jacket, Jean Shorts, High Top Sneakers)

Back to School Shopping Guide for Boys’ Clothing


T-shirts and Joggers are go to staples for all three boys. I stock up on them at the start of the school year and add more as they wear them through over the winter and spring season. This two pack from Walmart comes in a variety of color sets and only $23. He’s a huge camo print fan 😉 A is more into wearing jeans, so I grabbed a few pairs of denim in different colors for his back to school wardrobe. He loves this slim jean in black by Levi’s, $16.

Basics Staples


Give me all the basketball shorts (2 pack, $11), sweat suit sets (3 colors, $16), and comfy athleisure (3 piece set, 3 colors, $19). From recess to gym class and every subject in between, athleisure is our go-to every day school outfit. I mean, I can’t hide the fact that its my work from home mom-uniform, too. LOL.


I picked a pair of these coordinating basketball high tops. The boys love them and feel “so cool.” 😊 They’re perfect for play time and sports. While still being versatile for all types of outfits, which is one of my main points to hit when shopping for the boys’ shoes.

Track Jacket / Outerwear

A must have transitional piece for different seasons; I carry a track jacket for the boys in the car in case they want to wear it at school for the day. I picked up these track jackets and sweater jackets for both the big boys.

Socks and Underwear

Anyone lose socks daily in your home? Underwear is also another area I try to refresh with our back to school shopping trip. These multi-packs are great!

Rain and Snow Boots

I highly recommend getting a pair of rain boots and snow boots now. Every winter season, they’re hard to find when the cold season is already here. I bet they’ll be in short supply this winter, so make sure to add these cute pairs to your order, too.

Reuseable Cloth Masks

I’ve been slowly adding to the boys’ mask collection and scooped these up. With how often they’ll be wearing them, I wanted to make sure we had enough in rotation, between washing.

What grades are your kids heading into this school year?

Back to School Shopping Guide for Boys’ Clothing

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