Random Amazon Purchases for Dads

Sharing is caring! If you enjoy my Amazon Purchases post (regularly updated – click here!), then you’ll love this one, too. Random Amazon Purchases for Dads – David’s Edition. Here’s what he’s been shopping for sanity throughout all this chaos.

Random Amazon Purchases for Dads:

DAD Stuff

There’s no rhyme or reason to the things David buys. But, I guess that’s true for most of us perusing Amazon at random times of the day. Here are David’s latest buys for himself:

Let’s start off with the latest BIG purchase. This Power Tower dip station for our home gym area in the basement. He used to have an over the door one, but wanted something a little bit sturdier with a bit more versatility.

We won’t be going back to the gym for a long time, if ever, so we’re in the process of building our home gym with all of our go to exercise equipment. (I did approve this purchase.)

He ordered a few more of his go-to hair product. He doesn’t like gel or pomade and has used the Aveda grooming clay since before we met! 🙂 One container probably lasts him a good 2-3 months. Unlike me, he usually does his hair (almost) daily. So, definitely a little product goes a long way. Tried and true product, shop it here.

David ordered a few pairs of new glasses that are plastic frames. They kept falling off his nose, so we ordered these nose pads to combat the problem. They work! I use them on my plastic frame glasses now, too.



Let’s be honest, when we say “home” stuff, most of David’s purchases are for the garage. You guys already know his obsession with “organizing the garage.” He would spend all his weekends organizing it if I was OK with it! (Spoiler: I’m not! :P) Here are some of his favorite Amazon Home purchases:

Garage Organization

  • We just ordered this sports organizer for all the kids’ sports equipment. I’m actually excited for this one, so I don’t have to trip over all the things strewn about everywhere.
  • David uses these hook-hangers on the walls to hang all of his lawn rakes, tools, etc. We’ve had these for years and brought them over from our last house. Works just as great installed in our new garage.
  • David has these storage racks in our basement storage area. It’s really nice to store the huge plastic bins of holiday decor, unused appliances, baby keepsakes. They’ve held up for years between our last home and here. Great price point, durable quality, and tons of great reviews.

Bar Essentials

We talked about these in IG stories last week, but here are the silicone ice trays that David loves for his cocktails.

He also got this Bartender set because, believe it or not, we’ve never had one! He wanted one with the basics, a shaker, shot glass, stirrers, etc.

For those of you who asked about his Old Fashioned recipe, here are the sugar cubes he bought from Amazon.

Random Home Purchases

He got this magnetic cover for the microwave, and I must say I LOVE IT. So much more convenient than a traditional cover that I constantly have to pull in and out to use. This cover sticks to the top of the microwave when you don’t need to use one. Just pull it down, when you do need it!

Calling all Granite Counter top owners!! Did you know that you need to seal your granite counter tops every few years for maintenance? Yeah, me either. We’re due for it since it’s almost been a year since they were put in. David ordered this spray seal from Amazon to get that house project out of the way.

The Coop Pillow I bought last month is a must have for David, too. You can customize with additional filling that they send with your pillow. It is worth the price tag. Trust me – we’ve been through every pillow there is under the sun and these two are our favorites.

COOP Memory Foam Pillow HERE.

Cooling Gel Pillow HERE.

KIDS Stuff

The kids have run through all of the things I bought from Amazon at the start of all this. You can read the Kids’ Activity Kits Post here.

David’s purchases for the kids is a little different than mine. More things to do outdoors versus crafts/activities. He spends a lot of time playing sports outside with them, so these are all wins for our household of boys:

Kids’ Gardening Tools – We’ve had this set for years. The boys love to play (and fight) over them. Just ordered a second set for this summer.

Walkie Talkies – David ordered two sets of these for him and the boys. Lots of secret mission planning going on here.

Kids’ Golf Set – The two big boys have golf clubs from the sporting goods store, but Baby B is too small for the real ones. We just got it for him for his third birthday.

Stomp Rockets – The boys love these, I have no idea why. They all love it. Including David.

Basketball Hoop – This has been around since A was 2! The quality is great and you can adjust the height for all ages.

Flying Foam Planes – Another household boy fave. David loves flying these around the yard with the kids.

Human Bumper Balls – The boys are so excited for this set to come in. Just another wrestling toy, in my book. 😛

What have been your husband’s favorite random Amazon purchases?

Random Amazon Purchases for Dads

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