Baby B, You Are Three!

A letter to my last baby on his third birthday…

letter to my last baby on his third birthday

Today, you are three!

My sweet Baby B, happiest third birthday to the happiest baby we’ve known since the day you were born.

You came into this world at lightning speed and each year since has been just as fast.

While I always find myself at a loss for words when I sit down to write a birthday letter. With you, there’s an extra tug at my heart, knowing that it will be last # birthday that we will celebrate in our home.

The final piece to our family puzzle.

Every moment with you is one filled to the brim with energy and emotion.

These past few months, you have been the happiest one in our entire house. So filled with joy to be with your big brothers every day. Playing and making mischief, never wanting to be apart from them.

But, then there are those moments, sweet silent moments…

when we find you in your own little corner. Lost in ‘reading’ your favorite books and building your own LEGO castle, no care in the world, but just content with being with yourself.

letter to my last baby on his third birthday

You may be my last baby, but we learn so much from you, all of us. Especially during these times. You are a constant reminder of what’s most important in life. To be still, to love, to bask in the simple things and laugh our way through frustration and sadness.

Your joy knows no bounds and your zeal for life is something to be envied.

Maybe it’s because you’re my last baby. Or maybe it’s because you’re just a little cuddle bug. But I will never grow tired of your constant hugs and kisses and territorial squeezes claiming everyone as your own. “MY Umma!” “MY Daddy!”

You are forever our “baby” and yet a big boy all at the same time.

You have grown SO much this past year. Even though it’s our third time around, your dad and I marvel at all the things you do and say every day.

Talking up a storm, counting in English and Korean, schooling your big brothers on all of the things.

You’re so focused and hardworking, you’re our resident scooter pro, and lover of all things Korean food.

Your big bro A is your ultimate idol. “Hyung-ahhhh!” Forever 💕

Your big bro C is your bestest pal, sometimes you refuse to call him anything but by his first name / bess fwend. I guess even at your age, you can feel how close you two are in age.💕

Daddy already thinks you’re such a big boy and such a great helper. But, the minute those puppy dog eyes look up at him, his heart becomes mush. Rarely able to say no to those sweet cheeks!

I will always think (know) you’re team Umma! My little mama’s boy in the sweetest way. Your forehead checks when I have a headache. The way you fall into my arms and kiss me with those duck lips. I won’t lie, it’s pretty hard for me to say no to those puppy dog eyes, too.

letter to my last baby on his third birthday

You are curious and clever, stubborn and tough. You are the first to share, unless it’s something you really, really love—then you don’t mind taking it ALL, either.

You are the perfect mixture of all the best parts of your dad and me. And for that we feel so lucky.

Your outspoken personality is already heard from here to Korea and in my heart, I pray and hope you never lose that fire as you grow.

I hope your voice becomes even louder and you use it to change the world in the biggest way. Sharing your heart and love for people and bringing people together, just as you already do in our little family of five.

We want for nothing because we have you. We love you so much, B.

Happy birthday my sweet baby. Hope your day is as magical as you make our every days.

Baby B, You Are Three!

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