Random Amazon Purchases for Moms

I’ve been trying to curb my retail therapy. But, I’ve definitely been shopping for my sanity throughout all this chaos. Here’s a list of

Random Amazon Purchases for Moms:

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Instagram Amazon Stuff

  • Asymmetrical Crop Hoodie – Wearing size small, lightweight, good to wear with high waisted shorts or leggings. Two color ways. Got both, love both!
  • Tie Dye Maxi Dress – Wearing size small, has pockets, soft slinky cotton. I’ve had for two years and no pilling and still soft AF. Perfect for hot summer days.

MOM Stuff

My favorite and the best instant coffee mix. The flavor is SO good. I’m a black coffee drinker in the morning. Then I have a cup of this in the afternoon. This box comes with a box of 100 sticks.

  • For hot coffee – I use one mug of hot water and two sticks.
  • For iced coffee – I use a quarter cup of hot water with two sticks, then fill the rest of the cup with ice and cold water. I stick it in the fridge for a few minutes and drink cold.

This kitchen strainer is a must have for all those macaroni and pasta dinners you’ve been cooking. You snap it onto almost any-sized pot and drain the water, without having to go back and forth from pots to a full size colander/strainer.

I’ve been wearing the heck out of my Ugg slippers, so I bought this fuzzy pair as a back-up.

Amazon sunnies are my favorite, I have and love all of these below. At the price points (all under $20), it’s perfect for moms who have younger kids who destroy them. And for mom brains who can’t find your sunnies anywhere! I keep a pair in my closet, my purse, and the car!

Random Amazon Purchases for Moms

With all the at home manicures happening these days, I’ve amassed a few bottles of nail polish and top coats. I have this acrylic nail polish storage stand on top of our fireplace.

Some of my favorite hair care products are from Amazon. Read this post here that has the best products for dry scalp, including my favorite scalp massager.

HOME Stuff

I just ordered the gray and white buffalo check mat for our back deck. I have the black and white buffalo check mat on our front porch and love the versatility of layering different welcome mats on top of it.

I am ready for all things spring and summer. I’m still waiting for our flowers to bloom in the yard. So, I ordered these faux silk flowers to decorate the kitchen island and the piano/reading room.

The kids have been throwing around napkins all over the table every day. I am so tired of picking up random $#it. Finally bought this acrylic napkin holder to house all of our napkins.

Organize all the tumblers, got this for one of our cabinets and now our bottles are all in one organized space!

The Coop Pillow that is a HUGE Amazon Favorite is our most comfortable pillow. You can customize with additional filling that they send with your pillow. It is worth the price tag. Trust me – we’ve been through every pillow there is under the sun and these two are our favorites.

COOP Memory Foam Pillow HERE.

Cooling Gel Pillow HERE.

KIDS Stuff

The kids have run through all of the things I bought from Amazon at the start of all this. You can read the Kids’ Activity Kits Post here.

I picked stuff that is little to no mess, educational-ish, and good for quiet time activities. Lord knows I need quiet moments in this house full of boys. 😛

Pattern Wood Blocks – I loved these when I was a kid. It’s good for math and art development. I think the boys will love coming up with designs with these, or at least it buys me a good half hour of quiet time.

Wiki Stix – I ordered three of these to avoid any fights about who gets what. Bendable, pliable craft sticks that is good for creative art.

Beyblades – I caved and ordered this set of Beyblade spinners. The boys have a stadium and two Beyblades spinners; which is a problem when you have three kids.

Craft Paper Roll – I just got a roll of this for the boys to draw and paint on for arts & crafts time. I just roll it out across our kitchen table and they color together, quietly!!, and then cut out each of their pieces to hang in their playroom.

Paint By Sticker Book – We have a few different ones, but I added this to my Amazon order this morning. A time killer and good for geometry skills.

Weighted Sleeping Blanket – We got this when we were having toddler sleep issues with Baby B a few months back. Read about sleep tips HERE. It’s soft and the weighted blanket has helped with our older kids and their random bad dreams!



What have been your favorite random Amazon purchases?

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