What I Bought for the Boys’ Easter Baskets

What day is it? It’s all blurring together, but I do know that Easter is coming up in the next couple of weeks. So, when I put in my last Target drive-up order, I threw some things in my online shopping cart for the boys’ Easter Baskets.

Like many of you, we’ll be attending Easter service, virtually via our TV, and then doing an egg hunt in our backyard. While, we will miss celebrating with our extended family, we’re trying to keep things as normal as possible and also using this time as a way to truly reflect on what the Easter holiday means to us as a family.

Get to clicking mamas, I’ve got you covered on all the goodies that I stashed away in my office desk, for now. Here is

What I Bought for the Boys’ Easter Baskets

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Bath Bombs

The boys love taking baths and are obsessed with bath bombs. They’ve been using mine up! I stocked up on a few of these below. I like the mini ones because it’s perfect for their short baths before bedtime. And with three kids wanting one of their own, the mini ones are a better option than the full size bath bombs.

DIY Bath Bomb Kit

I’m not sure how this one is going to go since I’ll probably have to help with making these, but figured it’d be worth it with the practical use of them. (No matter what shape I end up helping them create!)

Grow Large Shark

The boys are obsessed with the toys you submerge in water. So I added three of these to my cart. They will LOVE these Grow Large Sharks.


Each of the boys will get a book in their Easter basket. It’s an annual tradition for us and while these books are classics, we don’t have them yet in our personal library.

Dragons Love Tacos for A

Where the Wild Things Are for C

Little Blue Truck Springtime for B

Summer Pajamas

I picked up the bunny pattern Hanna Andersson pajamas when they had a sale a few weeks ago. The bunny pattern is unfortunately sold out, but all the Hanna Andersson pajamas for baby and kids are on sale for $25 right now. I just ordered the Shark pattern, Batman, and Snoopy pajamas for the summer. Styles and sizes are limited, but if you want to check it out here, the shipping was pretty quick on our order.


The boys are loving board games these days. We have a few favorites, but I picked up the UNO game for them to play together.

Art Supplies

The never ending supply of art supplies. I’m not sure where our markers and crayons end up, maybe the same dark hole that socks end up. But, we’re always looking to replenish the art supplies around here. I added our favorite crayola twistable crayons to the boys’ Easter baskets.


Listen, I’m at home working with all three of the kids at home without childcare. I’m not looking to have kids hyped up on sugar; they have plenty of energy on their own. 😛 But, I couldn’t resist adding some of their favorites. I picked up a bag of the Reese’s Eggs (and another for David), the carrot chocolates from my childhood, and Reese’s M&M’s in a carrot shaped bag for the holiday.

It was super easy to shop and add to my Target drive-up order, so if you’re on the hunt to fill those Easter baskets, shop these links and pickup in a few hours (at most store locations).

What are you filling your kids’ Easter Baskets with?

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