Mystery Reader Books for First Graders

March is Reading Month! Read below to see a list of mystery reader books for first graders. Recommended by moms, perfect for your visit to your kids’ class as the mystery reader of the day!

David and I are taking turns to be the mystery reader for our kids’ classrooms. A is in first grade this year and I’ll be heading there next week! I’m so excited to read to his class. And to see his smiling face when I surprise him as the mystery reader for the day.

It’s my first time as a mystery reader, so I reached out to my mom group for their recommendations on their favorite picks for first graders. Here is the a running list of

Mystery Reader Books for First Graders

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What I’m reading as the Mystery Reader

The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors

This is a new to us book and I can’t wait to read it to A’s class next week. I did a brief read through and think that it’s a fun story, with lots of storytelling to make it a giggle-inducing one for the the whole class AND the mystery reader. Am I the only one that got a bit nervous to read aloud to their kids’ class? 😉 I definitely read through the book this morning to practice all my inflections.

Myster Reader Books for First Graders

Funny, Giggle-Inducing Mystery Reader Books for First Graders

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates

Another highly recommended book by previous first grade parents. We Don’t Eat Our Classmates is one to get the laughs out of first graders during story time.

After the Fall (How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again)

What happens to Humpty after the fall? A fun follow-up story to a classic tale. Perfect story line for first graders.

The Princess & the Pony

A book to bring out the laughter, this is a story of brave warriors, big surprises, and one unforgettable little pony.


Beautiful illustrations from the illustrator of The Days the Crayons Quit. This is one for all the giggles and laughs, to do all the things to free a kite from the tree!

Inspiring, Creativity Filled Mystery Reader Books for First Graders

Blue Ethel

An adorable story about a cat who is set in her ways, until the day she turns blue! A great story to show kids that being different can be a good thing!

Jabari Jumps

A relatable and fun story about how to be courageous when trying something new. This one is in my cart for next time!

If I Built A House

A great story about creativity and enthusiasm! A perfect book to encourage first graders (kids) to dream their wildest dreams and express creativity.

The Dot

Another story about the creative spirit in all of us. A journey of surprise and self-discovery will be a winner among the first grade crowd.

Heart Felt Stories for Mystery Reader Books for First Grade

Dear Boy + Dear Girl Book Pairing

The sweetest books for little boys and girls. I grabbed the Dear Boy for our library. David’s probably not going to get through bedtime stories without a tear.

What are some of your favorite mystery reader books?

Do you have a kindergartner? Head to my friend Val’s list of the best mystery reader books for kindergartners!

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Mystery Reader Books for First Graders

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Myster Reader Books for First Graders

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