Supplements to Take in Your Thirties

Are you a thirty-something woman like me? Read below for the supplements to take in your thirties to “live your best life.”

**Please note that I am not a licensed health care professional. The following is an account of my personal experience and results from the supplements.

David and I got on the new year health kick a little late this year. We stopped by our local Whole Foods at the end of the longest month of the year, January. I picked up a couple of supplements I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I shared on my instastories and many of you had great feedback on both. I figured I’d share here and update you on my results.

Full disclosure, I go through phases of taking supplements. I’ll always give something a try and depending on the season, my body needs different things to feel balanced and well. Below is a list of my experience with:

Supplements to Take in Your Thirties

Magnesium and Collagen Peptides

I’ve been taking the Natural Calm Magnesium supplement, as well as, the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides for the last month.

I can honestly say that from my experience, the magnesium supplement is amazing for my recurring migraines and quieting the noise in my mind before bed.

Some tips for starting a magnesium supplement:

  • gradually increase your intake (I started with the guideline of .5 tsp to 2 tsp daily)
  • magnesium has a side effect of causing an active digestive process
    • aka. many of you messaged me saying that it can cause the runs if you take too much!
    • aka. some of you suggested that this is a great supplement to take for post partum mamas for the first bowel movement, as well as, helping with ongoing digestive regulation.
    • aka. some you also suggested that this a great supplement to take if you’re dealing with constipation and other digestive issues.
  • don’t take this during the day, it made me super sleepy and drowsy.
  • take it just before bed or with your last cup of water or evening beverage

From my experience so far, my usual weekly migraines have subsided to once a month. I do have to add that I have been drinking water more frequently, so that has helped immensely as well.

It also relaxes my body and mind and helps me to fall asleep faster than before I started taking the supplement. This and using lavender oil has helped to have more of a restful sleep at night.


Collage Peptides Supplement

Collagen peptides hasn’t provided much of an obvious effect. But, I’m going to continue to take it, mainly for bone health. Your girl here is only getting older by the day. Many of you swear by this supplement to help with improvement in your skin health, hair growth, etc.

When to Take the Supplements

Both supplements come in powder form. I bought the unflavored versions. The collagen I usually have in my morning or afternoon coffee. The magnesium, I have with a glass of juice or water after dinner.

Some of you said that the raspberry lemon flavored Natural Calm is really good, so I’m going to try that next.

Vitamin D

During different seasons, I also take other vitamins and supplements like Vitamin D during the winter months. With the winter gloom in Michigan, I need the daily Vitamin D boost for the lack of sun exposure during our long winters.


We had a horrendous cold and flu season last year during January – April. It felt like we were just passing different colds and illnesses back and forth. At your suggestion, I started taking elderberry (as did the kids) gummies to help our immunity during the cold season. KNOCK ON ALL THE WOOD, but this has helped us greatly this winter.

We are now a week into February and we’ve only experienced a few minor colds for the kids. I’ve been pretty healthy for most of this season. Fingers crossed it stays that way.


I’ve tried a few different types of probiotics. I don’t take them daily, but use them especially when my digestive system needs to be regulated a bit. It helps with minor issues with bloating and overall resolution to stomach discomfort.

Prenatal Vitamins

I’m not taking prenatal vitamins anymore, but did for a bulk of the last seven years. It was mostly my go-to daily vitamin. I think it has a great mixture of vitamins that are good for women, not just when pregnant and nursing. But, I switched over to supplements mentioned above in 2019.

Do you take supplements? What is in your daily/weekly supplement rotation?

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Supplements to Take in Your Thirties

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