The Best Toys and Gifts for Two Year Olds

Are you gift shopping for a two year old? Read below for the best toys and gifts for two year olds!

Baby B is enjoying the holiday season this year. It’s the first year (at nearly 2.5) that he is really taking in everything around him.

I’m so excited to see the holidays through his toddler eyes. But, at the same time, he’s the hardest one to shop for this Christmas! With two older brothers who have come before him, toy/gift buying for my last two year old is leaving me clueless.

We took a visit to our local buybuy BABY store to peruse the toy section for some gift ideas for Baby B.

Here’s my list of tried and true favorites of all the Dubs Brudders.

The Best Toys and Gifts for Two Year Olds

Ride-On Toys for Two Year Olds

SKIP*HOP® Zoo 3-in-1 Ride-On Dog – $59.99

Baby B fell in love with this ride-on toy at the buybuy BABY store. Great for indoors and outdoors, it’s the perfect size for two year olds.

Ride-On Scooter – $54.99

Baby B inherited his big brother’s scooter. He rides this thing like a pro! We keep ours outside and he rides around our cul-de-sac for hours if we let him. It’s a great outdoor toy to burn off that toddler energy.

It’s lasted us well over six years of use. I highly recommend it!

Up & Down Roller Coaster by Step2® – $99.99

David picked this up as a new toy for Baby B this Christmas. It’s his BIG gift and we’re going to set it up in the basement during the winter. Once it warms up outside, we’ll set it up on our drive way. I know he’s going to love it and can’t wait to hear his squeals. It comes highly recommended by a few neighbors and friends who say that this toy lasts years of use.

Building Toys for Two Year Olds

Maxim© Preschool Collection 40-Piece ABC Wooden Block Set – $19.99

Wooden blocks are always a great gift. I love this set because Baby B is starting to count and we’ll be attempting the alphabet practice at home, too.

They’re durable and are such a great price. I love that they’re easy to store in a small basket. I’m surprised that we haven’t lost any blocks because we bought this set when A was a baby!

CAT Dump Truck by Mega Bloks – $29.99

Mega Bloks are a great starter building toy for two year olds. This one is a favorite of Baby B’s because he is obsessed with trucks. He loves to fill his truck with the Mega Bloks and taking them out to build towers and different figures.

Melissa & Doug® 24-piece Jumbo Cardboard Blocks -$24.99

We just picked this up last week. I heard it about them back when A was a baby, five or six years ago! I’m excited that Baby B will have a new toy all to himself to try out for the first time.

Many friends have told me that kids love to build all sorts of walls and forts with these jumbo cardboard blocks. It’ll be the perfect addition to the boys’ playroom and I’m sure all three of them will play with them often.

Trucks, Trucks, and More Trucks

Little Tikes® Cozy Truck – $89.99

I’ve mentioned before how all three boys loved their Cozy Coupe. I have this saved for Baby B’s third birthday in the spring. I think it’ll last a few years of use. A + C still ride along in the Cozy Coupe and we bought that when A was a toddler!

Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn® Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck – $ 49.99

Baby B is obsessed with trucks and asked Santa for a “BIG TRUCK!” this year. This truck doubles as a kitchen food station, too.

Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn™ Crawl Around™ Car in Blue – $49.99

This was a hit with Baby B! He would not stop whining for me to get it out of the box at the store! What’s not to love? It’s a car and it is an interactive toy on the outside.

Cleaning Toys for Two Year Olds

Melissa & Doug® 6-Piece Let’s Play House™ Dust Sweep Mop – $29.99

I’m not sure how many years I have left before the boys aren’t obsessive about their own cleaning sets. But, this Melissa & Doug cleaning set has made its way through all three Dubs Brudders. They STILL fight about the different cleaning toys when they use it!

Dyson Cord-Free Toy Vacuum in Purple – $29.99

I just picked this up the other day for Baby B. The big boys are probably going to want one of their own. We just got a real cordfree Dyson for the house when we moved here, so they’re going to love this one!

Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum – $29.99

We have two of these from when A and C were toddlers. Another cleaning toy that all three boys love and play with to this day. It actually has a little suction and picks up some dust here and there, too.

Musical Toys for Two Year Olds

Fisher-Price® Linkimals™ Smooth Moves Sloth Interactive Toy – $29.99

This Fisher-Price Linkimals is the hot new musical and interactive toy of the season. Baby B loved playing all the different buttons, alphabets and songs.

Hey! Play! 25-Key Musical Toy Piano in Green – $59.99

A toy piano was a hit with our older boys when they were around two years old. We have a piano room that all three boys play on now, but this is a great option for a play room. Perfectly fit for two year olds and plays real tunes.

Fisher-Price® Little People® Caring for Animals Farm – $39.99

The Dubs Brudders love their Little People sets. This Animals Farm is their favorite. A started playing with his set around 18 months and well into three years old. They love the songs it plays and the interactive and imaginative play is so great for toddlers.

What are some of your go to gifts for two year olds?

Be sure to stop at your local buy buy BABY for any last minute gifts for your kids!

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