Six Tips for Furnishing Your New Home

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Have you recently moved into your new home? Do you have a big move coming up in the near future? Congratulations and look no further! I’ve rounded up my top six tips for furnishing your new home. Things to think about and plan for as you make your new house a home.

Some rooms are still filled with boxes, but we’re settling into our new home here at Simply Every. I’m realizing that it takes time to make a house into our home. While being in a new home makes you want to go and and buy all the things, it isn’t the smartest way to furnish your house. I’m trying to be mindful about all of the home decor and furnishing decisions we are currently making during these first few months.


Six Tips for Furnishing Your New Home

1.) Prioritize the Most Important Rooms

The bedrooms, kitchen, and living room are the priority rooms that we furnished right away. Our master bedroom set is only a few years old, so we brought that over from our old house.

Our two older boys are still sharing a room, but C was overdue to move out of his toddler bed that was converted from his baby crib. We furnished their shared bedroom with a new bunk bed and filled the space with other furniture items from their old room.

The living room and kitchen are the most used rooms in our new home. We budgeted to furnish these spaces right away. A kitchen table, island chairs, and sofa were all items that were on our “buy now” list for furniture.

2.) Re-purpose Old Furniture

Rethink where old furniture items can be reused in your new home. The bookcase in the boys’ shared room is from our old office.

The dresser and nightstand in Baby B’s new nursery are from the boys’ old shared bedroom.

Old furniture can seem brand new when used in a different way or in a new room in your new house.

3.) Rent Furniture from CORT

Furniture rental while you figure out how you want to furnish rooms in your new house is a great way to not break the bank. You can try different pieces, mix and match styles. I love CORT’s selection of different furniture, wall art, and home decor pieces that give you the freedom to decorate and re-decorate as needed and as your style and preferences change over time.

The problem I’ve always run into with furnishing a space is that you don’t really know the functionality of certain pieces of furniture until it’s actually in use. With furniture rental from CORT, you have unlimited options to test and try all of the home decor pieces you need in your new home

I recently visited our local CORT Furniture Rental to pick out furniture for my office, the kids’ play room, and an accent chair for the living room.

I knew that I wouldn’t know exactly how to furnish every single room in our new house. With furniture rental from CORT, I can furnish the empty spaces with the flexibility to change things around as I figure out how I want to design each room.

Since I work from home, I spend a lot of time in our home office. I want to be intentional about the different types of furniture I add to the space, so trying out different pieces from CORT is the perfect answer for me right now.

I am loving the colorful choices at CORT for the accent chair in our living room. Our living room sofa is a neutral light gray color. So I want to add in a pop of color with the accent chair, we’ll be renting from CORT. Which color do you like best?

4.) Space Out Big Ticket Purchases

I’ve quickly realized that when it comes to anything house-related, costs add up fast and quick. For me, office furniture is a big ticket purchase that I’m putting off until later.

I work at my kitchen island most days and it didn’t make sense for our budget to furnish multiple rooms with big ticket purchases. Especially since I keep changing my mind about what I’d like to furnish and decorate the room.

The kitchen table was our first big ticket purchase and we plan on furnishing the kids’ play room next.

5.) Organize All The Things

Living out of boxes is pretty normal as you get settled in your new home. The one thing that has helped to make different rooms in our house functional is to unpack, declutter, and keep (even empty) rooms organized.

It helps with planing for future furniture and room design. And it makes it easier to take time planning each room, instead of rushing to fill it with random purchases.

While my office sits empty for now, having all of my files and office supplies organized is essential for my every day work processes in place. It definitely helps me to put together an office design that I know I’ll enjoy and use for a long time, too.

6.) Focus on Home Decor

Patience is a virtue when furnishing your new house. In the meantime, you can add cozy and personal touches with smaller accessories and focusing on home decor for the different spaces in your home.

I’ve loved being able to add in different accents and simple home decor items to make our new house feel more like home.

I can’t wait for our house to come together and can’t wait to share more with you as all of the rooms are furnished.

Be sure to check CORT Furniture Rental’s amazing pieces here. And let me know what furniture you’re shopping for right now! CORT blog

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Six Tips for Furnishing Your New Home

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