Michigan Fall in our Second Home + Fall Bucket List for Metro Detroit

Fall is officially here in metro Detroit, and we at Simply Every Home are so excited for the season in our new home. In our opinion, as lifelong Michiganders, the fall season is a bit too short but filled with so many wonderful things to enjoy as we prep for the long winter season ahead.

As this is our second home, we have learned that there are important things that require upkeep during the fall season. They are tedious, but important tasks that are a must to prep your home for the long Michigan winter!

Michigan Fall

This post is sponsored by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority. As always, all opinions and content are my own.

Michigan Fall in our Second Home

Clean Out Gutters

All the leaves, dirt, and grime. Clearing out your gutters of any debris is essential for prepping your home during the fall season. We get a lot of snow in Michigan, so it’s especially important around here. I’ve been reminding D that this is the number one job on outdoor house maintenance. 🙂 Happy to help!

HVAC Service

I know, I know… we’re in a new house, why are we getting our HVAC serviced already? We’ve had some issues with humidity levels in the house, which obviously no one knew about until we were actually living here. I think we actually have to have them back out because the humidity levels are still out of range of the “normal.”

As you head into the winter season, it’s highly recommended to get your HVAC serviced on an annual basis.

Prep Your Snow Equipment

David bought a snowblower a few years back, but it’s been sitting in storage for a long time. He’ll be prepping it all and getting his winter snow equipment ready to go. Ahhh, I’m not ready for snow. But, I won’t lie, sometimes it’s cathartic to get out the snowblower and clear out our snow covered driveway. Don’t get me wrong though, David usually takes over halfway through. 

Winterize Your Sprinkler System

We’re in the midst of getting a new sprinkler system that will run for a few weeks before winterization. It is so, so important to make sure you blow out your sprinkler system and to drain all of your exterior water hoses, etc. This will prevent your pipes from freezing during the winter.

Fertilize Your Lawn and Plants

Experts say that fertilizing your lawn and plants ahead of the winter season helps them to flourish when the Spring season comes back around. We’ve fertilized our lawns for the last few years, and you can definitely tell the difference between the years that we did and the years that we didn’t! The grass and plants are much more luscious and fuller with pre-season fertilization.

Stock Up on Filters

We’re in a new home, so we’ve had to stock up on air filters to clear out the air in our home of building debris, etc. But, this is also important to keep on hand for older homes, too. Home air quality is so important for Michiganders, especially since we spend most of our winter season indoors.

On the hunt for a new home in Michigan?

The Michigan State Housing Development Authority is a great resource available to current and potential homeowners in Michigan. If you’re a first-time home buyer, or haven’t owned a home in three years, MSHDA offers home loans with down payment assistance up to $7,500 (Michigan Down Payment).

They also offer several mortgage options and services for home buyers. Check the MSHDA website for all of their resources and information.

Fall Bucket List for Metro Detroit

Michigan Fall and fall bucket list

Farmers’ Markets in Metro Detroit

I love taking the boys to the farmers’ market during the fall. The crisp air, fresh fruit and veggies, and ALL the pumpkins! We’ve got a bucket list just for the farmers’ markets we need to check out all over metro Detroit.

Michigan Fall

The Best Cider Mills in Metro Detroit

We love taking the boys (multiple times) during the fall season to our favorite cider mills in metro Detroit. Some of our favorites are: Yates, Franklin, and Rochester Cider Mills.

Drive Up North for Michigan Fall Foliage

This is David’s favorite fall activity. Michigan has the best color change in all of the land. 🙂 It’s such a peaceful and scenic drive to see all of the beautiful fall foliage this time of year.

Trick or Treat Events in Metro Detroit

The boys absolutely LOVE Halloween and there are so many family-friend ToT activities and events all over metro Detroit. Make sure to read through the bucket list below for the fun events.

Michigan Fall and fun activities

The Best Pumpkin Patches in Metro Detroit

We haven’t taken the boys to a pumpkin patch, yet! So, we’re planning on hitting one or two up this year. We’ve asked our friends and their favorites are listed below in the Bucket List photo.

Tailgate Party for UoM or MSU

We’re a UMich family, but Go Blue or Go Green, tailgate-ing for your family’s team is a Michigander tradition, no? Football is a major sport adored in our home, so any excuse for a UMich tailgate party is welcomed in our house!

America’s Thanksgiving Parade in Downtown Detroit

Nothing like Thanksgiving dinner without the morning of watching Detroit’s very own America’s Thanksgiving Parade. We’ve always watched from home, but one of these years, we plan on taking our whole crew down to watch the parade live and in person!

You can view our fall home tour here with inspiration and resources for how I started to turn our house into a home with seasonal decor.

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