Our Living Room + Built-In Book Shelves Design

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We’ve been settling in at Simply Every Home for over a month now. H-O-M-E is finally starting to come together. We are so glad to be done with the big move. Say it with me now, we are NEVER moving again. (But, don’t quote me on that, LOL).

We’re taking things day by day and slowly making our new house, our home. Like most families, the kitchen and our living room is the place we spend the most time together.

When we designed the first floor of the house, we removed columns to create an open space concept. Both spaces are wide open and designed specifically to serve as a single ‘room’: kitchen, breakfast nook/dining area, and living room. We call the whole space, our “family room.”

Our Living Room + Built-In Book Shelves Design

built-in book shelves and a fire place and a tv and sofa
swiffer cleaning kit


I’m loving the hardwood floors in the living room and kitchen. We also have them throughout our first floor and in the second-floor hallway.

But, with three kids and a dog, it’s a rare moment that the floors aren’t covered in dirt, spit, dog fur, snack crumbs, and all the other kid and dog messes.

From brother wrestling matches to tickle fights, to karate practice and lounging back for a movie night, the Dubs Brudders are ALL over our hardwood floors.

Thankfully, Baby B is a busy toddler who is always up for “helping” us keep them clean and dirt/mess-free. I guess it’s the least he can since he’s usually the one leaving behind the breadcrumbs. Toddlers, am I right?!


I’ve quickly learned that our Swiffer is the best for keeping our hardwood floors mess and dirt-free. The boys are often rolling around, wrestling, and running around all over our living room floor. So, I try my best to stay on top of daily floor cleaning.

We use the Swiffer Dry refills to trap dirt, dust, fur and crumbs and the Swiffer Wet refills are great to wipe away dirt and grime.

Sale Alert! You can shop now at Sam’s Club or samsclub.com before September 15 and get an instant savings of $3 on Swiffer Dry/Wet Refills.

I love using Sam’s Club FREE Pickup! It’s so convenient to (not) have to shop with all boys in tow; easy in and out with all of my home necessities packed by the friendly team at our local club.


We’ve slowly started furnishing our “family room” areas, but the next big project will be the box cut-outs on each side of the TV/fireplace in our living room.

We originally thought about buying matching credenzas, but decided to add in built-ins. The bottom with cabinets for storage and floating shelves on top for books, movies, and shelf decor.

a white fireplace and a tv above

I haven’t decided what color I want the floating shelves to be, but I love the design so far and can’t wait for it to be completed!

Our living room is already one of our most loved spaces in our new house. I think it’s actually C + Baby B’s favorite place to nap and lounge around, too. 😉

I’ll be back to share with you more details on the upcoming additions. In the meantime, don’t forget to shop your local Sam’s Club or samsclub.com and stock up on your Swiffer Wet and Dry Refills to keep your floors clean and mess free for all the fun sibling play time.

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