Twenty Five Baby Shower Gift Ideas for New Moms

Are you heading to a baby shower? Read below for some practical and useful gift ideas for the special new mom-to-be in your life!

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There’s nothing like the excitement that surrounds a baby announcement. The glee, the love and joy, the pure happiness and laughter! It is magical. And then comes the celebration: the baby shower! You have to find a baby gift that is useful, special, and thoughtful for the first time mom-to-be and baby.

Rest assured because I’ve got you covered. As a mom to three, I’ve compiled the ultimate list of gift ideas for new mom and baby. All of these items are special, most definitely practical, and shower gifts that will actually be used by either mom and/or baby.

For the first time in the last six years, I am NOT the pregnant one in my circle of friends and family. If my calculations are correct, I will have new babies to snuggle every month in the first half of the new year. I’m so excited to shower the new mamas and their babies. I’ll be updating this list as the year goes on, but coming up with this list was pretty easy.

I tried to think back to all of the useful and special gifts that I received from my baby shower. And also added to the list, all of the items that I bought or re-bought with each baby.

My number one piece of advice is that you should always check the mom-to-be’s registry list(s). The list is curated with a list of wishes and wants and as a baby shower guest, I try to always pick something off the registry.

But, if you’re looking to cross-check registry items or you want something additional to add to your gift, then this list covers all of the basic mom needs for baby’s first year.

Here’s my list of baby shower gift ideas that will make life for mom and baby easier as they transition to their new normal:

Twenty Five Baby Shower Gift Ideas for New Moms


Marpac Dohm Sound Machine

I have sung the praises of this sound machine time and time again. Six years into motherhood and we still own and use three of them daily. We keep one in the baby’s room. As well as the big boys’ shared room. They all share an adjoining ‘Jack & Jack’ bathroom and we keep one in there too. This baby gear was essential to our babies’ sleep routines. It’s also a travel must have for us as well.

Extra Baby Monitor

Whether it’s the addition of children later, traveling, or for having a spare baby monitor for when the first one inevitably dies out, an extra monitor is an essential piece of baby gear that is both functional, necessary, and loved by parents. There is an array of different types of baby monitors. We’ve used both Motorola and Panasonic baby monitors in our home and loved them both. Here is a good list of the baby monitors available at buybuy BABY for purchase or to add to your baby registry.

Baby Shusher

This is a newer baby gear item that came onto the market in recent years. It’s a tiny, portable baby shusher that helps with getting babies down to sleep at night or for a nap. Save mom and dad’s voices and let this tiny, yet effective piece of baby gear help make everyone’s lives easier and more restful.

Extra Crib Sheets

This is probably already on the baby registry that you’re scoping out for the new mom in your life. But if it’s not, this is both a functional baby shower gift that you can make fun by picking out special designs and prints tailored for the new baby.

There are an array of different baby brands that make crib sheets. Our favorite has been Aden & Anais crib sheets for summer and flannel crib sheets from buybuy BABY for the winter months.

DockATot Deluxe Baby Dock

Baby B lived in his DockATot Deluxe during the fourth trimester. It is a pricey gift, but in my opinion, is well worth the cost. The amount of use in the first six months or so of baby’s life makes it both a practical and useful gift. It comes in a bunch of different colors and prints.

We didn’t end up using the bigger size of the DockATot as much, so I can’t recommended getting both sizes. But, I think the Deluxe size is perfect for all newborns/infants. Baby B was 8 lbs at birth and it fit him well through six months of age.


Restaurant Gift Cards

When you’re caring for a newborn, the last thing you want to do is cook. Restaurant gift cards are always a good idea for baby shower gifts.

Meal Delivery Services

With so many different options for meal delivery services, the convenience of gifting these to new moms is so easy. And trust me, they will love you for it.

With fresh food being delivered straight to their front door, it highly increases the chances that they’ll sit down for a minute (or two) to nourish themselves, too.

Cleaning Services

When we had a baby, everything else that we used to take care stopped. We are lucky to live near family who were and are so helpful with all of the upkeep of the house when the boys were newborn babies.

And no joke, tiny little newborn babies produce a ton of laundry, dishes, and add to the never ending chores list.

It’s an out of the box gift idea, but one that is MUCH appreciated by new moms.

Grocery Delivery

Grocery delivery is another service-based gift idea that new parents will appreciate. Getting out of the house with a newborn baby is hard. Especially for first time moms. Grocery delivery of even the basic necessities for a home will lift such a huge burden off of new parents’ shoulders.


cute kids

Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets

Have I mentioned my love for Aden & Anais? All three Dubs Brudders are huge fans of the swaddle blankets. When they were babies, I used them as traditional swaddle blankets (The Double Russian was my fave fold)!. I also used them as nursing covers, diaper pads, car seat covers, and it eventually became loveys for all three boys.

Their love for their A&A swaddle blankets run deep, too. We’ve tried other brands. I’ve gifted other brands to friends that offered different designs. But, in our home, these are hands down the favorite by all three babies. All of them sleep with one or three of them at night. At 6, 4, 2, these gifts have literally lasted us since the beginning.

Milestone Cards / Picture Frames

I’m not a huge fan of memento gifts, but these two are special gifts that I used with each baby. From monthly milestone cards to picture frames, having these gifts made me keep track of the boys’ growth and actually printing pictures out for display around our home.

The boys love having their special monthly photo frame from their first year and it’s displayed in their rooms.

The monthly milestone cards or stickers are a fun way to keep track of the baby’s growth in the first year and beyond. I never made it past 12 months, but I’m so grateful to have these photos for each of them.

FridaBaby Bitty Bundle Kit

If you have a baby and you don’t have a snot sucker, I don’t know how you have lived. All jokes aside, this FridaBaby Bitty Bundle Kit has all of the essentials that new moms and dads need for all of the baby care needs. From sucking out their stuffy noses, (yeah I know parenting is glamourous), to medicine dispensers for tiny babes, this kit is a must have for all new moms.

Gender Neutral Clothing (in bigger sizes)

When I buy clothing as part of my baby shower gift, I try to stick to neutral colors: white, gray, monochrome, yellows, greens. I think it’s the safest bet in being able to choose a special outfit without knowing the mom’s style preferences.

I love the selection of baby clothing at buybuy BABY because there are so many different styles and options for all seasons and baby basics and special occasion outfits.

Bath Essentials Gift Set

Once babies grow past the fourth trimester, bath times became a daily occurrence in our home. It is a part of their nightly routines and an essential part of getting them to relax and get ready for a good night’s rest.

I love the Babyganics Bath Essentials Gift Set and it’s one of my go-to baby shower gift items.

Baby Medicine Kit

Baby colds are the absolute worst! I loved having a baby medicine kit that was fully packed with ibuprofen, acetaminophen, gripe water, chest rub, teething tablets, etc.

When the boys had their first fevers, it was so helpful to have everything in one place in the nursery. We’ve re-stocked our kit often, especially during the winter months.

Braun Ear Thermometer

The Braun Ear Thermometer is running six years strong in our house. It’s a vital baby care item for any new moms-to-be. These are the ones that our (and most) pediatricians use in their offices as well.


Diapers, Wipes, Diapers, Wipes

Need I say more? No explanation needed. Any new mom will have a good 2+ years of diapers to be changed. There will be no lack of appreciation in helping the diaper stock pile.

(Click here for the post on an average amount of diapers per year in each size for the first year of baby’s life!)

Same as above. Baby wipes are good for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! Poopy diaper? Check. Spilled milk? Check. Pouch stain? Check. Skipped a baby bath? Check.

Even with our babies now ages 6, 4, and 2 – we make sure to keep our wipes pile high. A new mom can never have enough wipes (or diapers); you can trust me on that one!

Love to Dream Arms Up Baby Swaddle

I loved, loved, LOVED the Love to Dream Arms up Baby Swaddle for C + B. They both wanted nothing to do with the traditional arms down swaddle. I’ve since learned that swaddling arms isn’t necessary and this is the perfect answer for those babies who want to arm mobility.

I used both the traditional one and the transition arms up baby swaddle that has removeable arm holds for a smooth transition for babies to sleep with their arms out.

Nursing & Feeding Supplies

From little things like milk bags to bottles, there are a plethora of brands, types, and so many choices when it comes to nursing or feeding supplies.

It was daunting as a first time mom to try and figure it out myself. So it helped so much when we were gifted different bottle brands. We had them at the house to try and see which one(s) worked with each of our babies!

Changing Pad Covers

Add this to the list of multiple things to have like crib sheets. Babies poop. They poop a lot. And sometimes changing pad covers (and your clothes) get soiled way more often than expected.


These items below are things that we ended up buying as the boys got bigger. Gifting them is a great way to help new moms be prepared early.

Baby Teething Accessories

Teething is no joke! For mom and baby, baby teething accessories can make the pain the process a little bit easier and provide comfort during one of the painful growths that most babies go through in the first year.

Umbrella Stroller

Hands down, the stroller that we used the most in our home, is our umbrella stroller. I’m a huge fan of the Uppababy G-Luxe and I’m even contemplating buying the double stroller. Even though the boys are mostly past the stroller riding stage.

Convertible Car Seat

Babies grow so much and fast in the first few months of life. All of our boys grew out of their infant (bucket) car seat within six months. If you’re looking to gift a higher ticket, useful item, then I highly recommend looking into a convertible car seat.

We have used the Graco, Diono, and Cybex convertible car seats in different cars and love them all. Installation was solely done by my husband, so I can’t speak to that aspect of it. But, as far as reviews, safety, and overall comfort for the boys, we love all three and use them regularly.

High Chair

We used our high chair that I received at my baby shower for 2.5 babies. Baby B upgraded to a newer version of the one we had, but it is such an essential piece of baby gear.

If you’re looking to gift a higher-priced baby shower gift, then a high chair is also a good option. Click here for the latest and greatest high chairs on buybuy BABY.

Portable High Chair

We traveled often with each of our babes and having a portable clip on high chair was so nice. It packs easily and makes for a great vacation (aka trip, haha). with young babies. New moms and dads can also use these portable high chairs if they go out to eat at a restaurant!

buybuy BABY for All the Baby Things!

My one stop shop for all things baby, toddler, and mama is buybuy BABY. When it comes to all things motherhood, the customer service agents are so helpful, even as a mom of three, I learn about the latest and greatest with each visit to our local store. Many of the items I’ve listed are available at buybuy BABY.

buybuy BABY also has an amazing registry service for moms-to-be. Click here to find out more if you or someone you know is expecting their little bundle of joy.

Are you shopping for any new or expectant moms-to-be?

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