Important Sunscreen And Sun Safety Tips for Kids

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors with your babes? If yes, read below for all the important sunscreen and sun safety tips for kids you need to know.

Having fun in the sun while staying protected

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With three little boys, ages 2, 4 & 6, it’s safe to say that we spend as much time outdoors as our Michigan weather allows. During the summer months, the boys crave being outside more than anything else.

As a mom to boys who also have sensitive skin, my number one priority is sun safety. While it’s not the most fun parenting task, making sure that the boys’ skin is adequately protected with sunscreen is something that I try to stay on top of first.

If only my 20-something self knew the risks and dangers of prolonged sun exposure. As a result, I cringe at the bad decisions I made in my younger years. I am making up for that now, both for myself and teaching the boys the right ways to protect our skin. Did you know that skin cancer is one of the most common but preventable cancers? (20 year-old me didn’t – or pretended she didn’t.)

While we all love summer time (in Michigan), here are some smart and simple steps to make sure everyone’s skin is protected while you enjoy all the fresh air and sunshine.

Applying sunscreen can be drama free with kids



Whether it’s playing outside in our neighborhood or a day trip to the beach, I try to make sure to find a shaded area that the kids can gather for snack time. And for a break from sun exposure. If there isn’t much shade, I make sure to take the boys to our car for a break, too.


If it’s a day at the pool, then the boys wear swim shirts that provide UV protection. It’s an easy way to protect their skin and less to cover with sunscreen.


Thankfully, the Dubs Brudders are all about the accessories. I always pack a sun hat and sunglasses for each of them on our long days outside.

Keep your children's skin radiant with proper suncare and sunscreen


  • Use sunscreen with Zinc Oxide: 20% or more zinc oxide will give you complete UVA and UVB protection.
  • Apply sunscreen generously, thirty minutes before heading outside. Allow time for sunscreen to absorb into skin thoroughly. Make sure to put sunscreen on face, ears, behind neck, as well as all over arms/legs that aren’t covered
  • Reapply every two hours, more frequently, if you are at the pool or beach.


Take turns with applying sunscreen:

If they’re able to help me with my sunscreen application, then The boys are much more open to peacefully letting me apply sunscreen

Let the kids help with sunscreen application:

Baby B likes to feel like a big boy and always asks for a dab of sunscreen he can put on himself.

Apply sunscreen on face first:

The hardest part is putting sunscreen on their faces. So I like to get that out of the way. The boys are much calmer when it comes to their arms and legs.

Make a game/challenge out of sunscreen application:

Whenever I challenge the boys or turn the whole sunscreen application into a short game, it’s a much easier process for me. Singing along to a song while putting sunscreen on Baby B always helps, too!

To help increase awareness and promote preventive actions, Priority Health, a Michigan-based health insurance plan, is focusing on skin cancer prevention all summer long. As a result, Priority Health is helping us Michiganders make smart sun choices for the entire family.

When these UVB stickers from Priority Health turn darker, it’s your reminder it’s time for re-application. Priority Health will be at local events around Southeast Michigan and the Grand Rapids area—giving away these sunscreen and sunburn alert stickers that change color when it’s time to reapply sunscreen. For a full list of events, check out their Facebook page.


Priority Health is encouraging Michiganders to share the sun smart choices they are making this summer by posting photos of themselves being “sun smart” on social media. For example, this can be a photo of you putting on sunscreen, wearing sunglasses or a hat or even sitting in the shade. For every photo posted using the hashtag #PriorityHealthSunSmart, Priority Health will then donate $1 to the American Cancer Society.


Now through Sep. 2, Priority Health is donating $1 to the American Cancer Society up to $10,000 for every photo users’ post on social media being sun smart (i.e. wearing sunscreen, wide-brimmed hats, sitting in the shade, etc.) with the hashtag #PriorityHealthSunSmart. Priority Health will also be onsite at local events around Southeast Michigan and the Grand Rapids area giving away sunscreen and color-changing UV exposure stickers that notify users when it’s time to reapply. In addition, you can learn more here:

Sunscreen and sun safety can be fun!

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