Today, You Are Four!

Four years ago today, you came into this world to teach me that I kinda, sorta have a handle on this motherhood thing.

Today, You Are Four!

Being a mom to two (now three) little boys was and is no easy feat. I’m still learning my way every day. But, caring for you taught me how to trust my instincts and not to second guess myself.

It truly is no wonder that you, my sweet C, are our carefree, happy go lucky, laid back dude. Because you see, being a second-time mom, I definitely learned how to be a more relaxed one. And who else do I have to thank for this amazing gift, but you my sweet C?

Happy, happy fourth birthday!

You have grown up so much this past year. From potty training yourself, going to full day preschool, to caring for Baby B, you show us every day what a “big boy,” you truly are. And if I’m being honest, it stings my mama heart just a little to know how quickly you are growing past the baby years.

Your love for singing and dancing hasn’t changed one bit. Your silly tushy dances are definitely a must save for your future wedding. You make us laugh over the funniest stories and our days are brighter because of you.

you are four - HBD

You’re still your hyung-ah’s constant shadow and echo. You fight like cats and dogs, but can’t stand to be apart from him for even a moment.

You’re Baby B’s best playmate and your selflessness and patience with him is something that leaves me speechless.

Asian kids

Your heart is SO, SO big. Sometimes your thoughtfulness takes my breath away. Maybe it’s because you’re sandwiched between your big and little bro. Maybe it’s because your sweet soul knows no other way. But, your love and empathy for all of us around you truly knows no bounds.

you are four

The first one to lay a hand on my forehead when I’ve been hit with a migraine. The first one to run over to your brother(s) with an ice pack when they get a boo-boo. You, my sweet considerate C, are the one who thinks of everyone before himself. Always making sure I pack enough snacks for your brothers or filling up water bottles for them yourself. Your brothers, daddy, and I? We are so blessed by your thoughtfulness in our lives.

I hope you always live life to the fullest. Laughing your way through the good times and bad. Always finding a reason to find the silver lining. As you show us every day how to truly live.

Happy, happy birthday my sweet C.! You are four! I love you to the moon and back. And back again.

you are four

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