Simple & Easy First Grade Math Lessons to Practice at Home

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Do you have a first grader? Here are some simple and easy math concepts to practice at home to help teach them the basics!

Simple & Easy First Grade Math Lessons to Practice at Home

With A’s first official summer break under way, we are enjoying the best of our summer days. While we love our outdoor play time and soaking up all the schedule-free days, he is also so excited to get back to school!

He’ll be a first grader in the fall and is eager to jump back into math and reading, his two favorite subjects at school.

We’re keeping the learning activities fun with our favorite Welch’s® Fruit ‘n Yogurt Snacks.

Made with real fruit and surrounded in creamy yogurt, they’re the perfect after-school snack for the #dubsbrudders.

A is a visual learner, so practicing with him during snack time is a great way to easily incorporate math lessons. Welch’s Fruit ’n Yogurt Snacks are our go-to for our afternoon break and math activities.

Simple & Easy First Grade Math Lessons to Practice at Home
First Grade Math Lessons to Practice at Home

Here are some simple & easy first grade math lessons to practice at home:

Counting Activities

Skip Counting by Fives

Counting activities are super easy to practice at home. For example, counting out the number of fruit snacks in groups of five and re-counting them as he eats them, this is probably the counting activity that A enjoys the most. I don’t mind helping in the eating department, either.

Using a simple 100s table, your first grader can practice counting


Counting by Ones, Tens, Hundreds

Similar to the skip counting, A also uses his 100s table to practice group counting by ones, tens, and hundreds. He places them on the 100s table and eats his favorite fruit snack as he goes through his counting activity. Who knew math could be so fun and so yummy, too, right?! 🙂

Basic Math Skills

Simple Subtraction

A is pretty advanced as far as his basic math skills, so I like to reinforce it naturally at home. Simple subtraction activities can be incorporated through daily tasks like setting/clearing the table for meals. As a family of five, he can easily practice his simple subtraction skills with things that he counts out for his family then subtracts as he distributes them to each of us.

Two Digit Addition

A is pretty good at single digit addition. We are now practicing double digit addition. A simple and easy way to visually practice this basic math skill is using visual objects. From craft sticks to drawing out numbers, A enjoys his snack time math activities.

Fractions of a Whole

It’s super fun and easy to practice fractions with our favorite Welch’s Fruit ‘n Yogurt Snacks. Using a circle shape on a piece of paper, A divides several of his fruit snacks into equal parts like halves, thirds, fourths, etc.

First Grade Math Lessons to Practice at Home

Conceptual Math

Greater than, Less than, Equal to

A loves to create games that reinforce his conceptual math thinking skills of “greater than, less than, or equal to” scenarios. First graders learn how to compare two-digit numbers, using the symbols for greater than, less than, and equal to.

Symmetrical Geometry

An easy way to practice learning symmetry is by looking for it in everyday objects and also by helping your first grader create symmetrical patterns of their own.

A loves to draw, so practicing symmetrical geometry is something that naturally happens during arts ‘n crafts time.

Simple Patterns

A is already familiar with color, shape and number patterns. Most first graders have practiced this in kindergarten. It is so exciting to help him discover new ways of creating patterns that incorporate adding, subtracting and his logical thinking to the basic math concept of patterns.

Basic Graphs

Basic graphs are a way for first graders to learn the concept of measurement. Linear measuring using rulers, reading temperatures on a thermometer, or telling time using calendars are different math concepts that teach first graders how to measure through basic graphs.

We love using Welch’s Fruit ‘n Yogurt Snacks for math because they’re made with real fruit, surrounded by creamy yogurt. They also come in a variety of flavors – strawberry, blueberry, and cherry. They’re so delicious!

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Simple & Easy First Grade Math Lessons to Practice at Home

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