Must Have Water Play & Outdoor Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Are you looking for water play and outdoor toys for babies and toddlers? Look no further than this post, I’ve got you covered on all of the Dubs Brudders’ favorites!

It’s finally summer time here in Michigan. Maybe it’s because I’m a summer baby, but this is my absolute favorite time in Michigan! I live for sunny days and there’s nothing like outdoor play time with the boys to get out all of their never-ending energy!

After three babies, I feel quite confident to say that this list of must have water play & outdoor toys for babies and toddlers is a realistic, full-proof guide to some summer time fun for the whole family!

Must Have Water Play & Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

Water Table

We bought a water table when A was just a small toddler. It’s served us well for so many years. We even bought a second one to have at my mom’s house. Even at ages 6, 4, 2, this is a summer staple for all three boys.

PRO TIP: Flip it over at night! This will help to decrease any water / mold build-up.

Outdoor Toys for Toddlers by Simply Every

Picnic Table

Outdoor eating is fun for the whole family. The boys love having snack time outside and it’s easier on me to feed them outside and let them go back to playing instead of having to clean them all up out of their (wet) clothes for a meal indoors.

Picnic Table
Outdoor Toys for Toddlers by Simply Every

Sprinkler Toy

Another fun water toy is a sprinkler attachment to the hose. You don’t have to run your whole sprinkler cycle and add to your huge summer water bill. This one is a favorite for a little bit of light water play in the evenings.

Inflatable Pool

Inflatable Pool

A household favorite, this inflatable pool fits us all and the boys love to swim in our little backyard country club. It’s lasted several summer seasons (four years!) and is super easy to inflate and use for a few days at a time.

PRO TIP: Use over concrete so that it doesn’t kill your lawn. We also bought a small pool scooper to clean it out before each use. Super easy way to scoop up any dirt, wood chips, insects that might make their way in over night.

Inflatable Pool

Bubble Machine

This one is on my list for this summer. The boys have bubble machines at their schools and love it. I know Baby B will love joining in on the bubble fun. It also makes clean up easy for me, since I don’t have to pick up all the bubble sticks and spilled (wasted) bottles of regular bubbles.

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Must Have Water Play & Outdoor Toys for Babies and Toddlers

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Must Have Water Play & Outdoor Toys for Babies and Toddlers

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