Benefits of Imaginative Play

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Do your kids imaginative play? Read below to see the benefits of imaginative play for preschoolers and kindergartners!

As an avid reader and day dreamer, I love encouraging imaginative play time for my boys. Aside from the peaceful time that I can sit down to drink a hot cup of coffee, imaginative play is so important in developing their little minds to dream big and outside of their normal routine.

Developing Social Skills with Rescue Heroes toys

From their baby years to grade school, imaginative play is something I try to encourage any chance I can in different ways. These days, the Dubs Brudders are so excited about their new Rescue Heroes® toys that are available at Walmart. (Available online now and in-stores in August)! Rescue Heroes® products are a collection of figurines that honor REAL life, relatable heroes who work together to combat disasters whenever or wherever they happen.

boy playing with Rescue Heroes toys

My favorite part about the Rescue Heroes toys is the diversity of the characters. The heroes come in a variety of genders, nationalities, professions and personalities that encourage the boys to identify with their individual characteristics as well.

As a multi-cultural family, finding toys that represent the different parts of ourselves is very important in our household. It also encourages the boys to develop empathy and a love for cultural diversity.

Benefits of Imaginative Play - Problem Solving

While there is a multitude of benefits of imaginative play in general and with Rescue Heroes toys; here are the main areas that I’ve noticed impacting the boys at their respective ages – Preschooler & Kindergartener.

Benefits of Imaginative Play

Social Skills

The boys play quietly and interact with one another so nicely when they’re playing with their favorite Rescue Heroes figure. It encourages them to play together and builds a teamwork element in the different scenarios and story lines that they like to create as they play.

From fighting the monsters underneath the bed to special rescue missions. It’s so exciting to see the boys work together to problem solve and find a resolution for their favorite characters. Their current favorite is Reed Vitals the medic. A, especially, has a shy personality; so imaginative play helps him to develop social skills that he carries with him in real life as he creates friendships at school.

Benefits of Imaginative Play - Problem Solving

Problem Solving

It is so amazing to listen to them set up their special Rescue Heroes figures and finding different ways to help their heroes find a resolution. Even at their young ages, the boys are learning different concepts of problem solving and thinking through complex thoughts of human nature and relationships.

Imaginative play is so crucial to let their minds wander into all sorts of different scenarios and encouraging them to develop their own thoughts and opinions to real life situations. The Rescue Heroes line of products aims to stimulate a child’s imagination and sense of adventure without using violence.


Every time they sit down to play with their Rescue Heroes toys, the boys come up with different story lines that bring their favorite characters to life. Rescue Heroes characters are daring, caring, skillful and strong!

Their tools, vehicles and equipment go above and beyond. Also, everything works together. The backpacks are interchangeable; the tools and backpacks fit on the vehicles. The boys love creating different set-ups, In addition, making their characters unique to each story line. It’s really fun to see them create their own plot lines with all of the different tools and accessories.

Benefits of Imaginative Play - Language Development

Language Development

Sometimes when I sit back to listen to their storytelling and conversation; I’m amazed at the way they converse with one another and through each of their Rescue Heroes characters.

C was actually evaluated for speech therapy last year, so this is something that I’ve really noticed in recent months. Imaginative play is so crucial to kids being able to talk freely without the pressure of someone asking them to speak. And many times, I’ll catch myself surprised at new words and phrases that I didn’t even know he knew how to say.

The best part of imaginative play is the freedom for their minds to wander and their brains to develop in creative ways. This impacts so many other areas of their cognitive skills.

The boys love playing with their Rescue Heroes and taking them on mission filled adventures. From saving their friends’ doggies from a burning building to working together to save the town; I love listening to their Rescue Heroes™ stories and action-packed play sessions. 

Benefits of Imaginative Play by Simply Every
Benefits of Imaginative Play by Simply Every

What are some ways you encourage Imaginative Play?

You can shop at now for the entire collection of Rescue Heroes® products. Also, available in-stores at Walmart in August. You can check out the new animated series on Fisher-Price’s YouTube channel!

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Benefits of Imaginative Play

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