Why We Call Michigan Home

Do you live in Michigan? Are you thinking of moving here? Read along below to see why we call Michigan home and all the amazing things Michigan has to offer.

Why We Call Michigan Home by Simply Every

This post is sponsored by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority. As always, all opinions and content are my own.

I’ve lived in Michigan for most of my life. My family and I came here from South Korea back in 1990, and aside from a brief stint in California during my freshman year of college, Michigan has always been my home.

I grew up in Troy and currently reside in Macomb with my husband and three little boys! We’re now building our forever house in Rochester Hills. I love visiting different downtown districts throughout Michigan – Detroit, Mackinac Island, Imlay City and every city in between.

After doing the college tour around several different campuses in and out of Michigan, I graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit and spent my formidable college years exploring the city and everything it has to offer. It makes me so happy to see how much it’s developed in recent years!

D is also from Troy (though we didn’t meet until after college in a few towns over!) and he’s lived in different parts of Michigan for all his life. He’s a huge Detroit sports fan, and we try to attend games as often as possible. We’re total foodies, so we love to explore new restaurants and festivals whenever we can find the time (or a babysitter)! We lament every winter about how we need to move to a warmer climate, but this is our home. We love the four seasons, our quiet weekends up north, and love taking our boys to different places that we grew up visiting all over Michigan!

Why We Call Michigan Home

Four Seasons in Michigan - Fall

Four Seasons in Michigan

One of the best reasons to live in Michigan is the four seasons, hands down. I love that we can experience the highs and lows of each spring, summer, winter and fall. Our weather can be unpredictable at times, but the beauty and differences in each season are unmatched. My family loves to play in the snow, bask in the summer sun, enjoy the fresh spring air and visit orchards in the crisp fall air. It’s beautiful!

Four Seasons in Michigan
Why We Call Michigan Home - Winter
Four Seasons in Michigan - Winter
Kids - Michigan Schools

Michigan Schools

Many great school districts and programs also call Michigan home. Both D and I grew up in Troy and were fortunate to have access to some of the best education programs in the nation.

As a mom of three little boys, I feel very lucky that Michigan provides us with so many opportunities, from everyday school to extracurricular activities, for the kids.

Family in Michigan

We’re very fortunate to live near both sets of grandparents and our extended family. With most of our family members only a short drive away, it makes it easier for us to stay connected with them. The boys love growing up around so many members of our family. And as someone who thrives in the relationships in my surroundings, I love being so close to family and friends, too.

Family in Michigan

Local Travel in Michigan

We love taking the boys on road trips all over Michigan. We love that downtown Detroit is just a quick drive away, and that a trip only a few hours north can take us to the most beautiful scenery and lakes that seem like oceans.

Michigan is such a big state that spans so many different towns. It’s a wonderful place to be able to live and spend every year exploring new parts of Michigan. From historic towns to bustling cities, the places we still want to visit with the boys is endless.

Local Sports in Michigan

Like I mentioned before, D is a HUGE Detroit sports fan. We love to watch hockey, basketball and even the Detroit Lions. We have fantastic college sports teams, too!

As Michiganders, we love to celebrate and cheer on our favorite sports teams. The boys LOVE joining us at local sporting events. I know that being in Michigan will provide us with so many opportunities to enjoy our hometown sports teams and games.

Michigan is HOME

Michigan is HOME

To us, Michigan is home. Our home offers us so many opportunities to live and learn from all our beautiful surroundings. I love that we’re raising our boys so close to our hometown and that they’re surrounded by family and friends.

The Michigan State Housing Development Authority provides homes and preserves places for us Michiganders. I’m so excited to share more with you in the coming months about MSHDA’s amazing resources and programs to all of us who call Michigan home.

Learn more about MSHDA on their website here.

Why We Call Michigan Home

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Why We Call Michigan Home
Why We Call Michigan Home

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