To My Baby, on His Second Birthday

Every time I sit here to write a birthday post, I am amazed at the wonder that is time.

Time that seems to sit still and whiz past me in the same breath. Leaving me in the aftermath of a whirlwind of emotions that is motherhood.

To My Baby, on His Second Birthday
June 2017

Today, you are two. HOW, HOW has it already been two whole years with you, my littlest love? And here I sit filled with more wonder than I was last year on this day.

This past year, we watched you grow into your own little personality.

And let’s be honest, there’s nothing little about you, my babiest love. You, our littlest family member, are the one that rules this whole household.

Second Birthday - Happy mixed family

You love fiercely and with your whole heart. Your laughter is contagious and brings a smile to everyone’s faces. You know exactly what you want and will stop at nothing to get it. I think I’m probably the only that can tell you no. Maybe, sometimes your dad, too.

Happy father and son

You are precocious and filled with so much curiosity.

With two big brothers to follow around all day long, you already act like a big boy, wise beyond his years.

3 boys of Simply Every

Maybe it’s because you know no different than a house filled with people. But, you love being surrounded by your family. You hate being left out and you’re the first one to run over for a hug and kiss every morning and every night.

You were and are still the happiest baby.

Never forgetting to say hi to a stranger at the grocery store and waving your little hand as you scream BYE-BYEEEEE as if you’re wishing them the best day ever.

Your baby man bun will forever be the divisive topic of conversation. I just can’t seem to part with all that beautiful hair. Or maybe it’s that you’re my babiest and I just can’t handle having THREE big boys in our house, just yet.

You’re already talking up a storm and climbing all the things. Even though your our third baby, you keep your dad and I on our toes. Every new day is a new discovery of your smart little mind learning, growing, and developing into your own person.

Happy Second Birthday

My littlest love, you are perfect in every little way. You are silly, you are honest, and you are kind. You make me a better mom every day. I want for nothing because I have you.

Happy, Happy Second Birthday, my sweet Baby B. I love you forever and ever. Always.

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