Simple & Easy Sun Care Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin? Read below for simple and easy summer skin care for sensitive skin.

Read here for simple and easy summer skin care for sensitive skin.

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Sunny days have FINALLY arrived and I am here for it!!!! This weather is giving me life. INSERT every other basic phrase I can throw into this post. 😊

With three little boys who have a TON of energy, it goes without saying that we spend any chance we can outside. With sunny days ahead, I try to stay on top of sun care, because it’s so crucial to making sure our time spent outdoors is fun and worry free.

Simple & Easy Sun Care Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

As someone who’s dealt with sensitive skin for all my life, I’ve had my share of woes when it comes to skin care. It’s hard to maintain a healthy glow, soft texture, and slow the aging process when the products I can use are limited to a handful of products that work for my sensitive skin.

Add in the importance of sun care (especially for women in their thirties) and it’s a complete maze trying to figure out simple and easy sun care skin care for sensitive skin.

As with most things in my life, especially for my beauty routine, I have learned in time that keeping it simple is the best way for me to consistently take care of my skin. All part of that self-love and self-care routine that I try to stay on top of in this chaos of mom life.

 Olay Regenerist Whip SPF 25

Here are my Simple & Easy Sun Care Skin Care for Sensitive Skin


I’ve never been good about drinking water regularly. But, it is SO crucial to the health of my skin. As well as, the obvious health benefits overall. During the summer months, I’m always bustling around, running after the boys. I make sure to carry my gigantic refillable water bottle with me whenever we head out. And even on my work days, I keep it right by me, so that I make sure to drink at least a minimum of 64 oz a day.

Minimal Products

You guys know that my every day beauty routine is simple. It’s even simpler during the summer months with all the time I spend out in the sun. For my sensitive skin, using less products are best at keeping the healthy glow of summer skin.

Every Day Moisturizer with SPF

My love for Olay Regenerist Whip SPF 25 runs deep. I use it year-round nearly every day. During the summer months, I go make-up free more often than not. But, I use Olay Regenerist Whip SPF 25 every day. For the last few years, it’s been my go-to daily moisturizer and is a must have in my sensitive skin arsenal. The texture is amazing and absorbs quickly into my skin. It doesn’t leave an oily residue and dries into my skin while moisturizing and it’s the best combo for on the go.

 Olay Regenerist Whip SPF 25
Simply Every is talking about Simple & Easy Sun Care Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

Sun Protection

From sunglasses to swimwear and accessorizing with hats, I make sure to wear and use UV protected products to protect my skin from too much sun exposure. While I love getting that natural tan, I’m especially protective of my face and sun protection. Olay Regenerist Whip SPF 25 is my easy go-to for sun care for sensitive skin.

It protects my skin and keeps it hydrated all day long without feeling greasy or filmy.

Sun Care Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

Balanced Meals

Sounds easier than it actually is in practice. I’m not sure why, but my eating habits aren’t the best during the summer. Maybe because we’re always on the go, but it’s something I’ve noticed that makes a huge difference in my summer skin. I’m being more mindful of it as we head into the summer this year.

Restful Sleep

This is crucial year-round. My sensitive skin acts up when I’m not well rested. And the exposure to sun definitely affects the way I sleep. I try my best to get a good solid seven hours of sleep. But, mom life, right? We’re all so wiped out by days’ end during the busy summer season. I’m trying to be more actionable about getting into a better routine while the boys are out of school.

Nighttime Skin Care

Sun care for summer skin is making sure to clean off dirt and residue every night. I love Olay facial wipes and also using the mist as a refresher for my skin at night. It’s a good refresh to reset my skin for the following day.

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Simple & Easy Sun Care Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

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