Plant-Based Cleaning Products for the Home

Are you looking to make the switch to greener products for your home? Read below to find out more about Home Made Simple products.

This post is sponsored by Home Made Simple. As always, all opinions and content are my own.

During the last few months of trying to sell our home, I’ve gotten into a pretty good home cleaning routine with having to keep up with our showing schedule that changes weekly.

Most of the time my cleaning is done on the fly. The boys make the mess and I clean it up. Though, I will admit, they’ve been getting better about helping with chores around the house. I’m starting to enjoy the boys getting older and more responsible for their messes! Train ‘em young, right?! 😉

I’ve been wanting to add in greener, plant-based cleaning products for the home and recently started using Home Made Simple products.

How do Plant-Based Cleaning Products for the Home work?

Home Made Simple is a line of plant-based dish soaps, surface cleaners, and laundry products that are inspired by and made with natural scents.

They’re made with fragrant essential oils and other biodegradeable cleaning ingredients.

I use the multi-purpose cleaner to wipe down lots of different surfaces around the house. From kitchen counter tops to our fireplace mantle, Home Made Simple multi-surface cleaner wipes away all the dirt and grime and leaves a fresh scent.

Why Plant-Based Cleaning Products for the Home?

With three little boys who touch every surface of every room in our house, using cleaner, plant-based cleaning products for the home is something that I’ve been looking into, especially in recent months.

As they get older, they’re helping more around the house with chores, and I feel good about using Home Made Simple products that get the job done without using harsh chemicals. Especially, with the boys doing their own tasks around the house.

What do you like about Plant-Based Cleaning Products for the Home?

I love using the Home Made Simple dish soap for the kids’ dishes and for other non-dishwasher safe dishes, pots and pans. It’s super tough on grease and it quickly washes away all the leftover foods on the dishes. The dish soap comes in lavender, rosemary and lemon scents. I’m going to try the lemon one next.

It gives me peace of mind using plant-based cleaning products. Home Made Simple cleaning products are formulated without any phosphates, dyes, parabens, phthalates, or gluten and come in 100% recyclable bottles.

What types of green products do you use in your home? You can find Home Made Simple cleaning products at your local Meijer store.

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