Four Laundry Hacks for Kids’ Sports Clothing

As a family of five, our laundry loads are seemingly never-ending. Throw in all of the sports and activities, and I swear I’m doing a load of laundry every day. All about survival, right mamas? But what we need are laundry hacks for kids’ sports clothing.

While I’m still enjoying Baby B’s toddler-hood, A + C are busy, busy with all of the different sports throughout the year. During the spring and summer season, all of my free time is spent shuffling from one sports game to the next.

From baseball, soccer, and swimming, to karate lessons, the Dubs Brudders have a ton of energy to burn off, and they’re having so much fun with all of their activities.

STOP and clean that dirt with Laundry Tips for Kids Sports Clothing

This post is sponsored by Clorox2® Sport. As always, all opinions and content are my own.

I don’t think there’s going to be an end anytime soon. So I started taking notes of different things to try when washing the kids’ sports clothing. Here are my tried-and-true four laundry tips for kids’ sports clothing:

Flip Sports Clothing Inside Out

As many of you know, sports clothing typically is lined with different team logos and player numbers. Some of them are stitched in, but many are vinyl decals on top of the clothing. Flipping the sports clothing inside out helps to keep those pieces intact and the rest of the sports clothing undamaged. To be honest, the boys just pull off all their clothing, so for most of them, they do this part of the job for me.

Pre-Treat Dirty Sports Clothing

My go-to product for getting the boys’ sports clothing completely free of dirt, grime, and odors is Clorox2® Sport. It’s a laundry additive that you can use with your favorite household laundry detergent. Clorox2 Sport is safe to use on colors and all different fabrics and is great for extending the life of the sports clothing, too. This preservation tip is one of my favorite laundry tips for kids’ sports clothing

Clorox2 Sport removes stains (pre-treat) in less than 10 minutes, so you can see the stains gone before you even wash it. It also removes odors simply by putting the product into the washing machine with the detergent, so no need to presoak at all.

I grabbed another bottle last week on our weekly trip to Target. It’s easy to find in the laundry detergent aisle or you can buy online now at

Use the right products for good laundry results for kids clothes after a sports day

As a mom of three active little boys (and a husband, too!), I can 100% attest to the fact that Clorox2 Sport is the ultimate odor remover for sports clothing. The difference between before and after laundry is nothing short of amazing.

Most Important Laundry Tips For Kids’ Sports Clothing…

Wash Sports Clothing Separately

This is something that I have to remind my husband of when he’s on laundry duty. The key to keeping ALL of your clothing fresh and clean is to make sure to keep the sports clothing laundry load separate from the rest.

If I don’t get a chance to pre-soak, I make sure to run the sports clothing load as quickly as possible and to add in Clorox2 Sport along with my household detergent.

Air Dry Sports Clothing in the Sun

During the warmer months, I air dry the boys’ sports clothing outside in the sun. I tend to air dry outside as often as possible, so this is an easy add to our normal laundry routine.

Detergent helps keep kids fresh after sports, laundry hacks

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Four Laundry Tips for Kids’ Sports Clothing

The products used to keep kids clothes clean after sports

Hope you enjoyed this post, check out this post on kids’ sports to find out which ones my family recommends.

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