Five Amazon Favorites

Happy Friday! Are you on the hunt for adding some goodies to your Amazon car? Look no further. I’m linking up with my girlfriend Val over at Lovely Lucky Life for her weekly share of Friday Five Amazon Faves!

Because we all need to get our money’s worth of Amazon Prime membership, right?!

If you’re seeing this in real time, make sure to head over to Instagram stories, where I talk in detail about these five favorites. Disclosure, I think I referred to this whole share as Amazon Finds. But, you get the idea. 🙂 #mombrain

Five Amazon Favorites

Sunnies on Amazon

1.) Sunnies on Amazon

Hands down, my favorite finds on Amazon are sunglasses. I’m really bad at taking care of them, so spending money on expensive pairs isn’t the best idea for me. I own each of these pairs. They’re stylish, functional, and very, very low-cost. Plus, if the boys (or I) break a pair, I’m not taking a big loss.

Michel Design Works Foam Shea Butter Hand Soap

2.) Michel Design Works Foam Shea Butter Hand Soap

My favorite hand soap. I swear I’m not a hoarder, but I *might* have a small collection of these hand soaps. They’re not cheap by any means. But, they DO last a long time. Six months+ and that’s with using it daily, multiple times a day.

I have dry hands year round and these leave my hands feeling super soft. My favorite scents are the peony and lemon basil. D’s favorite is the golden pear.

They have a ton of different scents and special seasonal/holiday scents too.

 Amazon Favorites - Hot Tools Curling Iron

3.) Hot Tools Curling Iron

I am a complete mess when it comes to using hair wands. Enter, Hot Tools Curling Irons. My ultimate hair tool for my waves.

Amazon Favorites - Levaca Tunic Light Weight Sweatshirt Tee

4.) Levaca Tunic Light Weight Sweatshirt Tee

This is one of the most reviewed items on Amazon Fashion for women. It comes in a variety of colors and fits true to size. I’m super picky about tunic tops. I don’t like ones that are too baggy or the tops that have a flare bottom.

This is a great closet staple for transitional seasonal weather. These days, our temperatures range from the mid 40s to the mid 70s, so I’ve been reaching for this quite a bit. Perfect for pairing with leggings, too!

 Amazon Favorites - Memory Card Holder

5.) Memory Card Holder

I have several SD memory cards to store. I found this little card holder on Amazon that keeps all of them in one place.

Five Amazon Favorites

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