Baby Shower Hashtag Ideas

Are you planning a baby shower? Hosting one? Read below for hashtag ideas for guests to share their fun snapshots of the party on social media!

Are you even having a party if you don’t have a personalized hashtag!? Guests love taking photos of special occasions and using a hashtag to use on social media is a great way to share these photos with everyone in attendance.

Baby showers are such a milestone event for moms, but it’s hard to remember to take pictures when you’re in the middle of showered with love and adoration! Using a baby shower hashtag is an easy way to capture the special event in one spot. And a great way to make sure that the parents-to-be have access to all of the special memories from such a milestone celebration.

We had our baby shower way back in 2012 when I was pregnant with A! It was a time before social media hashtags were mainstream. Say what?! I know, I totally missed the boat on that hashtag game.

Thankfully, I have a few pictures of the event. I’m so thankful to have these memories of such a special time celebrated with friends and family.

I’ve rounded up some ideas and tips on how to choose your baby shower hashtag and some fun ideas for hashtags to use!

How to Choose Your Baby Shower Hashtag

Use The Baby’s Name. If the parents have named the baby already, this is an easy way to personalize a hashtag. #BABYSNAMEMIDDLENAME if you want to get a little bit more specific and customized.

Use The Mother’s Name. Using the first name of mom and her shower date, theme, or baby gender

Use The Parents Last Name. Using the family last name and baby shower date, theme, or baby gender

Gender Theme. Baby Boy or Girl and tying it to the shower theme or mom/dad is a simple, easy way to customize a hashtag

Playful Phrases. Like “#SarahsReadytoPop” “#bakingbabyben” is a whimsical way to capture baby shower memories

Due Date or Month. #BabyDueAug2019 Tying in the due date of baby

Nickname for Baby

The fruit or veggies that is associated with the baby size at the time of baby shower! – #BABYPINEAPPLESMITH



Incorporating Love. #BabyLoveLee, #LoveEllasBabyBump

More Hashtag Ideas For The Babies

#SarahsBabyShower, #BabyColeLove, #JuliesSprinkle, #JoyExpectedSoon, #BethanysBump, #OhBabyJones, #BabyBoySmith, #BabyGirlJohnson, #MilaMakesThree, #WeLoveBabyLucy, #BirthingBen, #BabyBeauComingSoon, #JessABabyShower, #EmilysReadytoPop, #EllasBumpParty #MegansBabyLove #LoveBabyJohnson, #BabySmithShower, #ShowerBabyLauren, #SarahsReadytoPop, #BakingBabyBen, #BabyPineappleSmith, #BabyJonesLove, #GraceBabyLove

What Was the Hashtag for Your Baby Shower?

My baby shower was during the pre-hashtag days! But, most likely, the first time (and the second or third) would have something to do with the gender. You know my love for the #dubsbrudders runs deep!

Hashtags are a great way to capture special milestone parties and events. Something fun, catchy and easy to use makes for a great way for guests to be engaged. And it’s a great way to look back on past photo memories!

What are hashtag(s) you used for your baby shower? Let me know in the comments below.

Baby Shower Hashtag Ideas

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Baby Shower Hashtag Ideas

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