How to Tackle a Maintainable Weekly Cleaning Schedule

With our house being the cleanest it’s ever been, I thought it’d be a good time to jot down how to tackle a maintainable weekly cleaning schedule. Don’t quote me because most weeks, I can barely keep track of the hair on my head, let alone the mess of hair that is my bathroom floor. But with some slight modifications, a little extra effort, and the help of Viva® Signature Cloth™, Viva® Multi-Surface Cloth™ and Clorox® Clean-Up + Bleach Spray, we’ve been able to maintain a somewhat clean and organized home these past few weeks.

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While we’re in a unique situation with trying to sell our home, these are habits that I’m tackling on a daily basis and plan on keeping up in our new home as well. Spring Cleaning time is here and these tips will help you get your house looking cleaner than ever before. Here are my tips for how to tackle a maintainable weekly cleaning schedule (even in the midst of raising and cleaning up small children.)

How to Tackle a Maintainable Weekly Cleaning Schedule

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Deep Clean Your House

Take one weekend to do a deep clean of your house. I don’t know about you, but our house was in desperate need of a good deep clean. We spent one weekend tackling each room and thoroughly scrubbing down all the things. From baseboards to grout lines and tile, we cleaned every inch of space within our reach. The reason this is the first task on my list of suggestions is because it gave us a good, clean slate to start fresh and keep us motivated to maintain on a weekly basis.

Deep Clean Your House

I can’t remember the last time we cleaned the grout on our tile floors. I kept putting it off because it seemed like such a daunting task. But, thanks to Viva Signature Cloth and Clorox® Clean-Up® , I was able to get our kitchen floor and our bathrooms looking brand new! Seriously, with working full time and running the blog, I’m always looking for products that lessen my load. And these two are it! It took just a few hours to get our entire kitchen, dining, and foyer tile floors looking so clean and bright.

Viva and Clorox
For the darker areas, I used the Clorox® Clean-Up® and a scrubbing brush.

And I quickly wiped up the excess with Viva Signature Cloth paper towels. These are hands-down our favorite paper towels. So durable and efficient, we end up using less paper towels and still getting the job done. D actually loves using it while cooking as well. He commented just the other day about how he only used a few sheets to soak up the extra bacon grease in our frying pan. They also have the Viva Multi-Surface Cloth that is a new, 2-ply product that is soft, durable, and great for all different types of surfaces. It’s pretty handy for everyday cleaning.

With our house looking fresh after the deep clean, we came up with a plan to maintain the cleanliness through our weekly cleaning schedule.

Before and After Clorox
Sharing how to tackle a maintainable weekly cleaning schedule by Simply Every

Clean One Room a Day

After a long day of working and parenting, cleaning is the last thing on my mind. I need a system that works for our crazy schedule and is maintainable enough for me to actually clean on a daily basis. The best method that’s worked for me is to clean one room a day. Cleaning doesn’t seem as hard or long when I know that I only have one room to pick up, wipe down and clean. It also keeps me motivated for the rest of the week, knowing that there is one fully clean room in the house.

If this method doesn’t sound feasible for you, another way to break down a weekly cleaning schedule is to do one type of cleaning a day. Whether it’s vacuuming (hello, built-in sound machine LOL), wiping down surfaces, sweeping, or putting away clutter, pick one type for each day. Then, you can layer on the other tasks throughout the rest of the week.

Start Your Week Off by Cleaning the “Hardest” Rooms First

With a houseful boys and only one in diapers, bathroom cleaning is my most dreaded chore. I don’t think I have to say anything more about cleaning toilets when you guys know I have a six year old and three year old around. While I use Clorox® Clean-Up® pretty freely, it’s my go-to product for the hardest parts of bathroom cleaning. From scrubbing down our toilets to cleaning the shower tiles, it helps me get the dirtiest parts of the bathroom clean in record time. Plus, I know that all the toilet germs are gone!

I’ve noticed that when I start the week off by cleaning the hardest room in the house, the rest of our cleaning seems much more maintainable even with our work and school schedules.

Keep A Simple Daily Task List

If you are sticking to the clean one room a day schedule, also keep a simple daily task list. I usually pick up the kids’ leftover messes or wipe down counter tops with my go-to Viva paper towels as a daily task that helps keep our home clean on an ongoing basis. It also eases the daily room cleaning as it keeps your room somewhat tidy between the weekly clean.

Sharing how to tackle a maintainable weekly cleaning schedule.

Use Reliable Products to Make the Cleaning Process Easier

I can’t mention it enough, but using reliable, durable products makes our weekly cleaning schedule so easy. Viva Multi Surface Cloths and Clorox® Clean-Up® + Bleach Spray are great for everyday cleaning. And Viva Signature Cloths need to be in your arsenal for the dirty cleaning jobs in your house. These are my go-to products that make our weekly schedule easier and stress-free.

CLOROX and Viva

Do you have a cleaning schedule you rely on? Or is it on the fly? What are some of your secret weapons to maintaining a clean home?

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Sharing how to tackle a maintainable weekly cleaning schedule.

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