Five Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen Sink

Are you looking for simple and easy tips for cleaning your kitchen sink? Because the kitchen sink is the most used sink in our home, I try to stay on top of some basic cleaning that helps keep it clean and looking extra sparkly. Here are a few of my purely essential cleaning tips for kitchen sinks.

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Use the Dishwasher

Obviously, the number one thing I try to do is stay on top of washing our dishes. Our dishwasher is one of the most used appliances in our home. As a family of five, with three kids who like to use a new cup for every time they’re thirty, our dishwasher is an essential part of (my sanity) and our day to day housekeeping.

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Cascade pure essentials has the power of clean that I am used to from Cascade but is formulated with 1/3 bio-based ingredients that provides pure cleaning for our family. There’s no phosphates, no chlorine bleach and is Cascade’s only dye-free liquid top.

Use the Dishwasher
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Use Club Soda for that Extra Shine

If you have a stainless steel sink and want to revive its shine, soak your sink(s) with club soda and use a non-abrasive scrubby or a hand towel to wipe it down. Super easy and gives kitchen sinks a new glow!

Use Baking Soda for Hard Water Spots

Mix baking soda with water and use the paste on the hard water spots in your kitchen sink. I use it with an old toothbrush to scrub out any spots and rinse it out with hot water.

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Use Old Citrus Fruit for Fresh Scent

When our citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, limes, or clementines get too ripe to eat, I save them in a glass dish and leave them by our kitchen sink. I slice them up and use it to wipe down our sink and drain them through the garbage disposal. It’s such a great, natural way to freshen up the smell and odor that can easily fill our sink.

Five Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen Sink - Use Old Citrus Fruit for Fresh Scent

Use a Hand Towel to Dry Your Sink

This is something that I need to get better about doing every day. Wiping down your kitchen sink with a paper towel and leaving it dry is the best care for preventing water spots.

Five Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen Sink

Five Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen Sink

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5 cleaning tips for the kitchen sink

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