Easy Bunny Rabbit Door Decoration

Hello, fellow Pinterest-fail moms! Are you looking for a simple Spring or Easterdecoration that will make your kids think you are a Pinterest goddess? Well, look no further than this easy bunny rabbit door decoration.

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that ‘simple & easy’ is the basis of all the things that I do, wear, make, etc. This easy construction paper project makes the festive spring decoration. The Dubs boys go bonkers over them every year! I bet your kids will love them too!

Easy Bunny Rabbit Door Decoration

The best part is that it takes less than 10-15 minutes to from start to finish and it’s not too bad aesthetically either. (At least compared to some of the overly colorful and out there art work created by my lovely screaming banshees during craft time.)

Easy Bunny Rabbit Door Decoration

What You Need

  • Colorful Construction Paper
    • White, Pink, Black, Blue, Brown, etc.
  • Glue / Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Double Sided Tape


1.) Cut out construction paper in their respective shapes:

  • Football shapes for the Bunny Rabbit Ears (I used white construction paper for the Large Size outer ears, and pink for the Small Size inner ears.)
  • Oval shapes for the Bunny Rabbit Ears (I used white for the Large Size outer eyes, sky blue for the Mid Size eyes, and black for the Small Size pupils.)
  • Rounded triangle shape for the Bunny Rabbit Nose (I used a Hot Pink.)
  • Rounded strips for the Bunny Rabbit Whiskers (I used a Light Brown.)
  • Swirly A shape for Bunny Rabbit Mouth (I used this!) OR
  • Two rectangles for Bunny Rabbit Teeth

2.) Use a glue stick or glue to layer each of the pieces together.

3.) Use double sided tape to hang each of the Bunny Rabbit facial features to your kids’ bedroom door!

4.) You can use it on any door in your house!

Bunny Rabbit Door Decoration
Easy Bunny Rabbit Door Decoration

The Dubs boys have rooms right nest door to each other. A + C share their big boy room. And Baby B is in the nursery/guest room. So, I placed the easy bunny rabbit door decoration on each of their bedroom doors’ facing each other. It’s so fun and playful! Perfect for the season.

Do you decorate your house for Spring or Easter?

Easy Bunny Rabbit Door Decoration

Easy Bunny Rabbit Door Decoration

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