Healthy Habits for Kids to Promote Winter Wellness

‘Tis the season for colds and germs to spread like wildfire! I don’t know about you, but aside from the lack of daylight and sunshine, my biggest worry is “which kid will be sick next?” So, I try to take as many preventative measures as possible to keep the whole family healthy throughout the winter.

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Healthy Habits for Kids to Promote Winter Wellness

While most of these habits are a part of normal every day routine, I’m hypervigilant about it during the winter months. The cold season is long lasting here in Michigan and staying on top of these things helps to lessen the bouts of sickness in our home.

With three little boys running around and getting into all the things, I need to make sure that they’re in proactive mode when it comes to winter wellness.

Healthy Habits for Kids to Promote Winter Wellness

Early bedtime and getting enough rest

Our boys have been good sleepers from early on (thank you, sleep gods), but with DST and the early sunset, we try to put them to bed as early as possible. During the winter, they’re all (usually) asleep by 7:30/8. Baby B is still taking one nap a day and C sometimes takes a cat nap, too. Rest is the best medicine for winter wellness in my book!

Vitamin D & Probiotics

Due to the lack of sunshine in Michigan, we have the boys take a Vitamin D supplement during the winter. They also regularly take a probiotic that helps with their immune health.

Washing hands frequently with warm water

We are nearly obsessive about everyone in the family washing their hands multiple times a day. Every time we come home, the boys are basically trained to wash their hands right after they take off all their winter gear. Thankfully, our first-floor bathroom is right after the mudroom area. They’ve gotten used to doing it after school, but during the winter it’s a must do!

Outdoor Time

Fighting the stir craziness during the winter is a very, real thing around here. We try to get the boys out for a little bit of outdoor time as often as possible. It feels so good to get some fresh air and give them some light exercise outdoors. The cold months are long, but we try to make the most of snow days, etc.

Flu Shots

Our whole family gets vaccinated for the flu every season. The boys’ wellness checks typically fall around the start of cold season, so we time it for that appointment. D and I usually have our annual physicals around this time of year, too, so we make sure to get our flu shots to help us throughout the winter season.

Use a Humidifier

It gets very dry in the house during the winter, so we all use a humidifier at night time. It helps a lot better sleep and rest, especially when they have colds.

Steam Baths

We try to help their congestion along by steaming up their bathroom a bit before their (every other) nightly bath. It soothes them for better sleep and helps with overall respiratory health.

Winter Accessories

Hats, mittens and warm coats are a must in Michigan. While it doesn’t prevent cold germs, it definitely promotes overall winter wellness to make sure the boys are well bundled (save for when they’re in their car seats).

Winter Skincare

All three of our kids suffer from eczema and dry skin, so another thing that we’re hypervigilant about is winter skincare. We use oatmeal bath soap regularly and make sure to use lotion after bath time. Preventative measures are the best medicine for avoiding any bad eczema flare ups. We also use hydrocortisone and other balms when they need extra skincare.

Winter Wellness Survival Kit Giveaway hosted by Kiddie Academy

Winter Wellness Survival Kit Giveaway hosted by Kiddie Academy

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Winter Wellness Survival Kit Giveaway hosted by Kiddie Academy
Healthy Habits for Kids to Promote Winter Wellness

What are some healthy habits you and your kids practice for Winter Wellness?

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    I spend a small fortune of vitamins and supplements for my three.

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    Great ideas for our kids and to have on hand for babysitting grandkids. Taking care of ourselves can be important so we can help the kids.

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