Family Friendly Shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond – Sterling Heights, MI

As a work at home mom, any chance I get to take the kids out of the house is a welcome one. Sometimes it’s a hassle, but it definitely beats the stir crazies at home! The last two weekends, we made our way over to the newly renovated Bed Bath & Beyond store in Sterling Heights.

Bed Bath & Beyond is already one of our favorite stores, but the new store design is unreal! We loved our entire shopping experience and will definitely head back to pick up our necessities as we get ready to list our home for sale.

Bed Bath & Beyond store

Thanks to Bed Bath & Beyond for sponsoring today’s post. As always, all opinions and content are my own.

Family Friendly Shopping

Have I mentioned, I absolutely love the new layout of the store? It is so family friendly and super easy to go shopping (even) with all our boys in tow. And that says a lot. We checked out the open spaces in their new retail sections. And we picked up some of our favorite Bed Bath & Beyond products.

 Bed Bath & Beyond
 Bed Bath & Beyond
 Bed Bath & Beyond Store
 Bed Bath & Beyond & JeeYoung Wenglikowski

Virtual Bedding

 Bed Bath & Beyond & Virtual Bedding
 Bed Bath & Beyond & Virtual Bedding

Bed Bath & Beyond’s Virtual Bedding area carries so many samples of different bedding items that you can feel and test out in store. You can customize and pick out the pieces in your order and have it shipped directly to your home. The open design area makes it easy to browse through all of their selections. The bed areas are so cozy and give a realistic view of how different sets will look in your bedroom.

 Bed Bath & Beyond & Simply Every


We maybe out of the Christmas season, but can you believe Valentine’s Day is less than a month away? And right after that is St. Patrick’s Day! Where does the time go…

All of Bed Bath & Beyond’s seasonal decor items are so cute and festive. I was excited to see the spring selection. I can’t wait to decorate for warmer days in the new house.

 Bed Bath & Beyond - Great Deals
 Bed Bath & Beyond & Valentine's day
 Bed Bath & Beyond & Welcome
 Bed Bath & Beyond - decor

Food & Drink

 Bed Bath & Beyond & Food and Drink
 Bed Bath & Beyond & Food and Drink
 Bed Bath & Beyond & Drinks

The selection of food and drink in the new section is plentiful. We stocked up on some of favorite snacks, gourmet foods and wines.

The boys had a blast filling the cart up with yummy food. It definitely made for a stress free shopping trip for the entire family.

The new checkout layout is so customer friendly. Especially for families with young kids. There was no wait during our trip and the customer service was top notch, per our usual experience at Bed Bath & Beyond.

 Bed Bath & Beyond - CHECKOUT
 Bed Bath & Beyond - CHECKOUT
 Bed Bath & Beyond & Simply Every

Don’t forget to stop over at your local Bed Bath & Beyond retailer to check out the new sections and products.

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