Simple & Practical Gifts for Dads

‘Tis the season for gift giving. But, don’t fret mamas! It doesn’t have to be a stress-inducing process. As with most things in my chaotic life as a working mom, I like to keep the holidays as simple as possible. That’s why I’m okay with perpetually being a last minute holiday shopper. My gift lists tend to be short and simple.

Now that the kids are older, they want to give their dad with special gifts. I try to do a mix of simple, practical, and sentimental gifts. It seems like in this phase of our life, those types of gifts seem to be the most meaningful.

Practical Gifts for Dads

Simply Every is sharing some Practical Gifts for Dads

Here’s my go-to list of simple and practical gifts and stocking stuffers for dads:

Grooming Supplies

D shaves nearly every day, save for a few weeks when he’s growing a beard from time to time. And even then, he uses his Gillette razors to keep his beard trim and tidy. Gillette razors are a great stocking stuffer! It’s easy for the boys to help pack their dad’s stocking. And they always enjoy telling him about how they know exactly what’s in his stocking every Christmas morning.

There’s a special Gillette Limited Edition Gift Pack with the Fusion ProShield razor that is budget friendly (only $19.99) and a great addition to the list of simple and practical gifts for dads. It comes with a premium, sleek and stylishly designed Gillette razor in matte black. It comes with a chrome razor stand for ease of use and keeping bathroom counters tidy.

If you live near a Wegman’s, you can pick one up in-store just in time for the holidays! Find your closest store HERE.

David Sock and Gillette

Simply Every is sharing some Practical Gifts for Dads

Boy is holding a Gillette Limited Edition

Socks & Underwear

Stocking up on essentials is always key this time of year. From socks to underwear to long johns for those of us who live in colder climates. Practical gifts of things we need to buy throughout the year are a welcome gift in our house. Add to this list toothbrushes and tooth paste too! I swear it’s items like this that are always forgotten about during regular grocery trips. Ha, or maybe that’s just me and my scattered mom brain.

Shaving Cream, After Shave & Cologne

Another essential item that is a great gift to pair with the Gillette Limited Edition gift pack is bottles of shaving cream, after shave, and cologne. I don’t typically pick up personal care items aside from the holidays. So, it’s always fun for me to pick out new scents or tried and true favorites. D loves having a good stock pile of his every day grooming essentials, so it’s a win for us both.

New Pictures for Frames

While I spend my days taking a million pictures of our kids, it’s a rare occurrence that I actually print them out! I need to get on this one stat! D switched offices earlier in the year and needs a refresh of family pictures on his desk. The boys are growing so fast that it’s so hard to keep up between pictures!

Customized Calendar for the New Year

Whether it’s a desktop calendar or one for the fridge, we are still tried and true users of the old school method of writing down important dates, appointments, etc. It’s so simple to create a 12-month calendar with custom photos or special family holidays, birthdays added in. This is a winning gift every year. Sometimes it’s expected, but it’s become tradition in our home.

Keepsake Ornament

We do a family holiday trip up north to visit our local holiday shop. Keepsake ornaments are a fun, pre-Christmas gift that we like to get for and with one another to add another special memory to our family Christmas tree. It’s so fun opening it every year when we decorate the house for the holidays, too.

Artwork from the Kids

The boys are really into arts and crafts. There’s a plethora of holiday art ideas. But, from a simple Christmas card to a quick painting, I love doing a fun craft with them that in turn makes the best gift for dads. I swear, this is the one that gets a tear every year!

Simply Every is sharing some Practical Gifts for Dads


What are some of your go to simple & practical gifts for dads?

Don’t forget to stop by your local Wegmans to pick up the Gillette Limited Edition Gift Pack for all the special dads in your life!

Simple & Practical Gifts for Dads

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