Simple & Easy Lunch On the Go

Between the holidays and getting our house ready to list next month, D and I are running around like chickens with our heads cut off. The to-do lists seem to keep piling up one on top of the other! 

We’re trying our best to manage our weekend time. We want to enjoy QT with our boys, but staying productive with our house responsibilities is at the top of our priorities, too.

Most days, we’re in and out of the house so often that we rarely eat lunch on time or at all. 

I’ve been trying to be cognizant of our meal times and making sure both of us eat a quick lunch even when we’re on the go (which is almost always)!

Simple & Easy Lunch On the Go

We’re loving Gorton’s Shrimp Bowls that take less than six minutes to cook. Super quick and easy to pop them in the microwave and have a full meal ready to eat. I usually have them once or twice during my work week, too. 

D loves the Stir Fry with Soba Noodles. All of the veggies and shrimp mixed with the soba noodles makes the perfect lunch on the go. The sauce is delicious and I love the extra bite of the peppers and edamame. 

Gorton’s Shrimp Bowls also comes in a Black Garlic & Wine Risotto flavor. The texture is perfect and I love the mushroom risotto cooked in the garlic and wine sauce. The perfect mix of flavors! It’s also ready to eat in less than six minutes, too.

Our weekends don’t look like they’re going to be slowing down any time soon. Once the holidays are over, we’ll be cleaning up and clearing out this house. It all seems so surreal, if I’m being honest. But, I know that the days will be flying by. I’m just trying to stay focused and balanced while completing all of our necessary tasks. So, I’m glad to have options like Gorton’s Shrimp Bowls to make sure we’re not skipping important meals. 

How are your holiday weekends? Are you all set for Christmas? Make sure to try a simple & easy lunch on the go Gorton’s Shrimp Bowls