Mom Hacks for Hostessing

If there’s a task that gives me mild anxiety since becoming a mom, hands down, it is hostessing a dinner party. The thought of having people over puts unnecessary stress on me as I age. But I digress. As much as I’m growing socially awkward in my thirties, I love being around people sometimes, too. It’s another dichotomy to my life that I’m always trying to figure out as I get older.

Since having the boys, I’ve learned that there are ways to simplify the hostessing gig without it turning into a stressful event for me. Here are my best Mom Hacks for Hostessing:



Who needs to do the dishes after eating? No one and believe me, as the hostess, you will be so much happier to have to them. Unless, you’re like my mom and insists on washing and reusing disposable plates and silverware too.


I’m not the best at cleaning, but I am good at organizing. I’m good at putting things away and tidying up a space. My mom hack for making our home feel cozy and smell fresh is our go to Febreze Plug-Ins that make such a big difference in every room.

D and I stocked up on our go to Febreze Plug-Ins that are now available at Sam’s Club for a limited time. We made sure to stock up on the Febreze Plug-Ins Six Pack that comes with four refills and two warmers. My current favorite scents are Gain Original Scent and Hawaiian Aloha.


Our home smells fresh all year round. The Febreze Plug-Ins lasts up to 1200 hours, up to 45 days! I also love that you can switch between scents depending on the season. And I think it adds a cozy element to whatever dinner I’m hostessing at the time.

I found them in the home care aisle at our local Sam’s Club and the Febreze Plug-Ins are only $14.98! (For the Six Pack!) I’m glad we stocked up while they are available for a limited time.

The Febreze Plug-Ins are key to uplifting our home ambience and my go-to mom hacks for being a good hostess!

Mom Hacks for Hostessing by Simply Every
Febreze Plug-Ins & Simply Every


I’ve realized in the last few years of raising little ones, that these times when they want to be helpful around the house will be gone before I know it! Even if it’s small things like putting their toys. Or helping me mop and vacuum, I love getting the boys actively involved in getting our house ready for our guests. I think it teaches them a good life lesson. And for the most part, they’re super helpful at their ages now! Save for B who still needs a little time to master the art of the mop.

GET YOUR KIDS TO  - Mom Hacks for Hostessing


We have rolls of these for the boys’ art projects. So, it’s super easy to pull it out for the guest tables for our dinner parties. The kids love to draw all over them and I don’t need to worry about the clean up afterwards. It’s a win-win for everyone to enjoy the party!


I’ve lucked out that in my circle of friends and family, everyone loves a good pot luck dinner! It’s so refreshing to not have the pressure of having to host the entire meal. Everyone gets to enjoy a variety of foods at our friends/family dinners. We also live for an abundance of food, and everyone leaves satisfied from drinks to dessert!


This is something I’ve learned in the last year or so. I make sure to stock up on to-go containers. It helps clean up go so much more smoothly and efficiently. We usually divide up the left overs and let everyone make their own doggy bag to take home with them. Less for me to deal with in our small fridge and the food doesn’t go to waste either.


From friends to family, there isn’t a single guest who doesn’t offer to help. I’m usually the stubborn one insisting that I try to do it all. I’ve learned (especially since becoming a mom), that it is absolutely OK to ask for and receive help. Especially during a dinner party! Hostesses should enjoy the festivities too!

Do you enjoy hostessing dinner parties? What are some of your mom hacks to make it a stress-free experience?

Mom Hacks for Hostessing

Mom Hacks for Hostessing

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