How our Family of Five eats Organic Foods

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How our Family of Five eats Organic Foods

As a family of five, our weekly grocery bill adds up quickly. Even at their young ages, the Dubs boys are eating their way through our house!

We try to eat fresh and organic foods as often as possible, but it’s not an end all, be all situation for us either. Also, I think it’s much easier to eat organic foods when you’re not making a point to do it!

Happy Family Organics products.

You guys know that I’m all about simplifying all the things whenever possible. And this is especially true when it comes to shopping organic foods and products for my little, big family.

My favorite food brand for the boys is Happy Family Organics products. There are so many great foods that are organic and made from healthy ingredients from earth-friendly organic farms. All three of our babes enjoy(ed) Happy Family Organics products, so I make sure to stock up on all of their favorites. From food pouches to rice snacks, you’ll always find one, if not all of the Dubs boys with their favorites in hand.

Happy Family Organics products.

I’m a firm believer that eating organic foods is important. But, it doesn’t have to be complicated. And it definitely doesn’t have to break the bank either. Here is how our family of five eats organic foods on a regular basis:

Garden At Home

D loves having our own backyard garden. We grow our own cucumbers, bell peppers, lettuce, green beans, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, etc. We try a new vegetable every season. As the boys get older, they love helping us plant seeds and tend to our garden over the warmer season, too.

Buy in Bulk

Whether it’s the kids’ favorite snacks, like Baby B’s beloved Happy Family Organics Yogurt Melts or Puffs. or food for the whole family, we try to buy our organic products in bulk. From frozen meats to dry goods, we save money on great organic foods by buying in bulk and storing in our freezer / pantry as necessary.

The prices at the grocery store are better on bulk items and we’re also shopping less frequently when we have food in storage.

Baby B's beloved Happy Family Organics Yogurt Melts or Puffs.

Shop Local

We’re lucky to live near many different local farms and shops that sell fresh produce. I love taking the kids’ to the weekend Farmers’ Market, too. You can’t beat the quality or the cost of locally farmed foods.

Meal Plan

As the start of the new year, I’m in the phase of organizing all aspects of life. Meal planning helps tremendously for us to stay mindful of our grocery spending. It helps us to maximize the organic foods we already have and to make sure that we’re making our food stretch.

Eat Less Protein

This is the newest change to our family’s eating habits. But, I’m focusing less on having a protein at every meal. While organic meats is a huge part of our foods, I’m making sure to over indulge on the vegetable, grains and fruits in our every day diet too. Cooking with vegetables and grains in bigger quantities than our meat products definitely makes a different in our organic food grocery budget.

How do you incorporate organic foods into your family’s diet?
Baby B's beloved Happy Family Organics Yogurt Melts or Puffs.
Baby B's beloved Happy Family Organics Yogurt Melts

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How our Family of Five eats Organic Foods

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