Winter Essentials for Baby

Winter Essentials for Baby

It’s that time of year again. Can you believe that we’ve already woken up to a winter wonderland two times? Half way through November and it’s par for the course around here. The winter season is unpredictable and long in Michigan. With three kids in tow, there’s obviously some extra seasonal prep that goes into getting fully ready for the season. But thankfully, after three babes, I’m well versed in the winter essentials for baby department.

Last weekend, D and I had some one on one time with our littlest love. (OMG, shopping with one baby was SO easy. LOL.) We headed over to our local buybuy BABY to stock up on some baby goods and saw some of our favorite in store Product Experts. If you’re a first time mom, I highly recommend going in for an in-store experience. There are so many different products and brands; it can be overwhelming. buybuy Baby’s Product Experts are so friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. It takes much of the pressure off to hear first hand of the latest and greatest in the store.

Winter Essentials for Baby

Car Seat Cover

Winter Essentials for Baby - Car Seat Cover

We used the JJ Cole Car Seat Cover with all three babies when they were in their infant car seats. The temperatures get excruciatingly low and this is essential for keeping them warmer while transporting them to/from the car. The quality of it is great and is still in good condition nearly six years later. I highly recommend it to those living in cold temperature areas.



We use humidifiers all winter long in the boys’ room and the baby’s nursery. The heat makes the air so dry and this helps to keep their noses comfortable. It’s especially needed when they are stuffed up from the cold/flu during the winter season. We love the Crane humidifiers, but buybuy BABY carries a variety of different brands, sizes, types of humidifiers. The product experts can help you decide which is the right one for the size of the room.

Ear Thermometer

We were gifted the Braun Ear Thermometer at our baby shower before our first. We use it year round whenever a fever creeps up, but it gets the most use during the winter months. We just buy the replacement covers for the tips every season as needed. I tried a temple thermometer with no success and didn’t even attempt taking rectal temperatures.

But, with this thermometer, we’ve always received a fairly accurate temperature reading. The boys don’t fight it and it’s an easy way to find out if we need to take the boy(s) in to the doctor. It’s a must have on any baby registry and definitely a winter essential for baby.

Baby Skincare

Baby Skincare

As I’ve mentioned before, all three of our boys have eczema. Flare ups can get really bad during the winter months. I’ve tried a lot of different baby skincare products and these three are my go to every time. While they take less baths during the cold season, I use the Mustela bath oil or the Aveeno Eczema bath soap during the winter. I also use the night balm after bath time for Baby B who has the worst case of eczema. These baby skincare products help to keep their skin moisturized.

Hat/Mitten Sets

While I’m not a fan of losing hats and mitten sets every season, they’re a must have for my kids. We don’t venture out all that often during the winter, but when we do, their little hands and their heads are so cold without them. buybuy BABY has such a vast selection of the cutest sets like this bear one B is wearing and this one that I think is adorable for baby girls!

NoseFrida Snot Sucker

NoseFrida Snot Sucker

Greatest invention for all mom kind? YAAASSS. We have two NoseFridas and a box or two of replacement filters. We use this year round when the babes are sick and congested. But it’s pretty much used daily during the winter. It’s not gross, it’s a necessity! We still use one with my three year old who doesn’t like blowing his nose at all. While it may call for a wrestling match or two, it ALWAYS gets the job done of unclogging their congested noses.

What are some winter essentials for baby that you use every season?

Winter Essentials for Baby

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