The Under $50 Gift Guide for Dads

I wasn’t planning on doing any holiday gift guides, but I sat down to do some shopping and figured this one might a practical one for all dads. I don’t know about you, but I have such a hard time shopping for my husband.

We’ve been together for over a decade and have gifted each other out through all of the special occasions we’ve celebrated together. At this stage in our relationship, we’re more into travel and experience-type gifts for one another. But, at the same time, the holidays or birthdays seem a little extra special when we have a gift or two to open.

I popped open my laptop prepared to do some light browsing and came upon a few budget-friendly, practical, yet fun gifts that are perfect for my husband! Hopefully, some of these are great gift ideas for a special dad in  your life too.

Here’s The Under $50 Gift Guide for Dads:


Crumbs upon crumbs upon crumbs. Both of our cars are usually in a state of chaos with three kids in our household. However, my husband amasses quite the collection of his own mess too during his daily commute to/from work. This is highly rated and reviewed by tens of thousands of users. And hello, Amazon Prime! This is in my shopping cart for the holidays this year.


Both my husband and I swear by our Contigo Travel Coffee Mugs. They keep our coffees hot for hours. The only times we had to replace them is due to loss (forgotten at an old office, etc.) We’ve been using these for years. It’s nice to have a couple in rotation so that there’s always a clean one ready to use for his daily commute.


Essential for the coffee lover in your life. He always has a morning cup of coffee as he gets ready for work. So, this will be the perfect little addition to keep his mug warm.


As avid coffee drinkers, we are amassing quite the collection of coffee mugs. But, in my opinion, you can never have too many. There’s a plethora of coffee mugs on my wish list, but I rarely come across funny quote coffee mugs that are directed for men. I found this one and this one on Amazon and I think they’re both perfect for my husband. LOL.

The Under $50 Gift Guide for Dads


If there is a (millenial-ish) dad in your life that doesn’t know this song, I’d like to meet him. LOL. The Dubs Boys are obsessed with this song. And my husband probably hums this more often than he’d like to admit. I love the vintage style graphics and who doesn’t need another graphic t-shirt to add to their collection, right?


D is focusing more on his skincare and grooming routine. This Burt’s Bees Set comes in a gift box and includes grooming necessities. It also comes with his favorite chapstick. I love their line of natural products, so I’m sure he will love this set.


D is the ultimate chef when it comes to brunch in our household. He usually handles all of our family breakfasts during the week and brunches on the weekend. While he usually cooks over stove top, we all love breakfast sandwiches, too. This is a small kitchen appliance that is made for him and I know our family will get a ton of use out of it.


Much like the man flu, sometimes D gets body aches and I don’t have the strength to massage out the knots. Enter this neck massager, I like that it’s compact. And that it’ll save me work in the future. (J/K, kind of, love you babe!)


I’m not huge into personalized or engraved gift items. But, as someone who is handy, I know that D will appreciate the quote. As a dad to three little boys, he takes a lot on to help mold them and guide them every day. This gift is so sweet to me, and I like that it’s not too overly personalized.


The whole family has a pair of these. They’re so warm and cozy. Perfect for our cold, frigid winters. I think they’re cute plain or with monogram stitching. D loves these and wears them around the house frequently.


Who doesn’t love a cozy pair of plaid pajamas? Super comfortable and for the price, the quality cannot be beat. So cozy and well made. Perfect for the colder months.

The Under $50 Gift Guide for Dads

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The Under $50 Gift Guide for Dads

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