Simple Ways to Make Your Holiday Guests Feel At Home

It’s the most wonderful time of year! I’m a total people person. And as much as I love my solo time after a long of ‘mommying.’ I LIVE for quality time with friends and family. We’ve hosted Thanksgiving dinner since before our engagement! And while we are lucky to live near so many family members. Others have to travel back to Michigan to join us for the holidays.

With three kids in tow, our house is packed most days of the week. Our formal “guest room” is actually just a bed in Baby B’s nursery. But, I always like to make our holiday guests feel at home during their visit. So, we freshen up our master bedroom as needed during the holidays. I recently shopped the Kohl’s Home sale for some simple additions and love how it all came together for our guests.

Kohl’s November Home Sale is going on now through 11/18/18. They have great deals on so many items from big brands like: Columbia, The Big One, Cuddlduds, and Serta.

As you guys know, I live for simplicity in all things. My life is filled with chaos, so any way I can simplify is a win in my book. My home decor style is especially on the simple side. When refreshing our room(s) for holiday guests, I err on the side of less is more. Here are a few of my tips on simple ways to make your holiday guests feel at home.

Simple Ways to Make Your Holiday Guests Feel At Home

New Bedding that Feels like Home

Fresh sheets, fresh bedding! I love The Big One complete bedding sets with sheets that are available at Kohl’s. I like to create a “home oasis” feel for our holiday guests. So, I chose this complete bedding set that is on super sale! I love that it’s versatile and will definitely use it year-round. It fits so well with our overall master bedroom aesthetic, while still creating a cozy, “at home” comfort for our guests.

Kohl’s current Home Sale is AH-mazing. If you’re looking for more traditional, holiday style flannel or fleece sheet sets, I love the ones here by Columbia Performance. The CuddlDuds microfiber sheets are super cozy and comfy too. The Big One also has quilt and sham sets that are a simple way to dress up a guest bed.

Comfortable Pillows 

Have you ever been to a hotel and slept terribly because their pillows are like feathers? I swear I’ve said this on our last few trips! Pillows are always the number one thing (in my opinion) that make sleep peaceful. While everyone has their own preference, I lean towards gel or memory foam pillows that provide neck/head comfort to everyone. D and I love Serta’s StayCool memory foam pillows. They’re so comfortable and the StayCool feature keeps the pillows from overheating during sleep. I grabbed a couple new pillows at Kohl’s because this November home sale is too good to pass up.

Simple, Relaxing Decor

I like to provide the comfy, but hotel feel for our guests. So I stick to minimal decor that provides for a relaxing vibe/room. Swapping out wall decor or personalized frames is a simple way to make your holiday guests feel like they’re at home in their own rooms. (Also, not feeling like your family is staring them down, while they change into their pajamas. LOL).

Reading Options

I’m a bookworm, so I always have a book or two or three lying around in every room of our house. I grab my favorites or some trending books and use it as simple night stand decor. It also gives our guests a little bedtime reading option. D usually has a stack of health and lifestyle magazines that he likes to set up as his version of my reading stack. We’re all about variety around here. 😉

Shower Basket

I always leave a couple of shower baskets packed with simple toiletries, new towels, and other necessities. It’s nice for our guests have easy access to all of the small items that make their stay as welcoming and home-y as possible. No one wants to be without a toothbrush with all of the eating that goes in our house during the holidays (err, I mean year round? LOL). I try to buy a few different brands of items to make sure that I have everything that our guests may need during their visit home.

While these ideas are simple, they make a big impact to having happy, holiday guests who feel rested and right at home. I try to reference this list whenever I’m prepping our room(s) for visitors because even though they’re easy to do, my mind always slips about one thing (or a million). It’s a great reminder to make sure that our rooms are ready to provide a relaxing, at home environment for holiday guests.

Whether your hosting one guest or a whole house full of holiday guests, Kohl’s Home Sale has you covered for simple ways to make your holiday guests feel at home. 

Simple Ways to Make Your Holiday Guests Feel At Home

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