Gift Guide for Techies – Dell’s Hottest Holiday Picks

Gift Guide for Techies by Simply Every

Happy Black Friday! Hope all of your bellies are satisfied with the scrumptious meals and sides of a delicious Thanksgiving feast. Yesterday was a pretty emotional day for our family, but we’re so thankful for the time that we have left with our pup Buddy. Today, I’m relaxing at home, cuddling my pups extra hard and enjoying quality time with the boys.

Today’s post is sponsored by Dell. But, as always, all opinions and content are my own. 

I’m settling in to shop the Black Friday sales and deals from the comfort of my bedroom. With my trusty Dell XPS 13 laptop and a coffee in hand, I am hitting my gift lists hard. Against my A-type nature, I am just starting the holiday shopping for our family and friends. Oops!

Gift Guide for Techies by Simply Every

Dell's Hottest Holiday Picks by Simply Every

Dell's Hottest Holiday Picks by Simply Every

You guys know that as a work at home mom, I spend a lot of time in front of the computer(s). On a typical work day, I am sitting in front of three screens. Four, if you count my phone, too. From my work laptop to my blogging gear to my personal use laptop, my go-to brand is Dell.

Obviously you know my love for Dell products runs deep. Their latest products have so many great features. I’m so excited to share my Gift Guide for Techies – Dell’s Hottest Holiday Picks! Below you can find more information about different gift ideas for all the techies and gamers in your life. There’s also great Black Friday deals going on for a few weeks on some of the items below:

Gift Guide for Techies – Dell’s Hottest Holiday Picks

Dell XPS 13 

If you follow along on my Instagram, you know that I am in love with this laptop. It is by far my go to travel laptop and for anything on the go. This laptop features Dell Cinema and virtually borderless InfinityEdge display that makes for the perfect Netflix binge session! I love how compact it is without having to sacrifice speed or functionality. It smaller, thinner, lighter – literally the smallest 13 inch laptop created! It’s perfect for holiday travel and with its (up to) 19.5 hour battery life, it’s perfect for my workload at home or on the go.


Dell's Hottest Holiday Picks by Simply Every

Alienware m15 Gaming Laptop

My husband is a gamer. He has every latest gadget under the sun hooked up to our TV and his phone. He’s so excited for this Gaming Laptop! The Dell Alienware m15 Gaming Laptop has it all for the gamer in your family. It’s the thinnest Alienware design ever with long battery life, premium materials and impressive power. Some other features are:

  • AlienFX customizable lighting across 6 zones including keyboard, power button, and LCD cover Alien head
  • Full support for Alienware Command Center technology enabling the management of system settings, game profiles, AlienFX, and with integrated special features in over 150 game titles
  • Full support for the Alienware Graphics Amplifier enabling dedicated PCI-Express bandwidth for desktop graphics cards from NVIDIA or AMD
  • Performance prioritized, never compromised, thanks to superior thermal management via Alienware’s Cryo-Tech 2.0 technology keeping the surfaces of the laptop cool and the performance hardware working to its maximum potential, no cutting corners.
  • Fully compatible with peripherals in the Alienware portfolio with additional accessories such as backpacks completing your mobile experience
  • Designed with our new Alienware m-series keyboard featuring a 4-zone AlienFX RGB enabled keys and – for the first time- a numeric keypad on a sub 17-inch Alienware laptop

Most of this is mumbo jumbo to me, but D confirms this is the laptop for any techie or gamer this holiday season.

Gift Guide for Techies – Dell’s Hottest Holiday Picks

Alienware Wireless Elite Gaming Headset 

For me, this is a must have in our house, so D can have fun playing his games. And I can tune him out the noise easily and peacefully, haha. This gaming headset is the ultimate gift for any techie or gamer. It has so many cool features!

  • Customizable AlienFX™ lighting provides a personalized, dynamic look
  • In-game lighting effects with AlienFX™ technology
  • Customizable playback and microphone settings
  • Vivid Alienware 7.1 Virtual Surround Audio with customizable settings for Smart Loudness, Bass Boost, Treble Enhancer and Voice Clarity
  • Crystal Clear Communication with our enhanced unidirectional noise cancelling microphone that cuts background noise
  • Light weight sports fabric ear cups, wide flexible headband and rotatable ear cups are engineered to deliver even more comfort and a secure fit
  • Increased durability from light-weight strengthened composites and reinforced alloy panels.

Dell G3 15 Laptop

If you’re looking for a laptop that has the gaming essentials at a great value, this is it. The Dell G3 15 Laptop is powered by the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 discrete graphics for crystal-clear, realistic details and smooth, realistic gameplay. Your viewing experience is sharp from virtually every angle thanks to an FHD anti-glare display. Another great feature about this value laptop is the seamless streaming using SmartByte technology for visual content. It also comes in three color options: black, recon blue, or alpine white.


Dell Inspiron 14 5000 2-in-1 Laptop 

For any techie looking for a multi-use functional laptop, this is the perfect gift. Netflix and chill, anyone? You know that’s my jam! The Dell Inspiron 14 5000 2-in-1 Laptop features the best of Dell Cinema. CinemaColor, CinemaSound, CinemaStream create an optimized Netflix viewing experience to catch all your favorite holiday movies!

There’s an optional Active Pen that makes it easy to take notes on favorite recipes for family dinners. And there’s also a USB Type-C port that easily connects with multiple monitors and other peripherals for a simple desk-based home office set up. This is my next Dell purchase to setup my new at home office in the new house. I’m so excited about the amazing deal that they’re offering right now! Doorbuster deal, only $349.99!

Dell's Hottest Holiday Picks

Gift Guide for Techies - Dell's Hottest Holiday Picks

Gift Guide for Techies

Thanks to Dell for partnering with me on today’s post.

Do you have any techies or gamers you’re shopping for this holiday season? What is your top choice from Dell’s Hottest Holiday Picks?

Gift Guide for Techies – Dell’s Hottest Holiday Picks

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Dell's Hottest Holiday Picks

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