Family Friendly Dining at Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Happy National Sandwich Day! While my mom brain can’t keep track of all holidays, any day that celebrates food is a winning one! D and I took the boys to one of our favorite spots for family friendly dining at Tropical Smoothie Cafe. I just heard about their delicious pressed sandwiches, so I had to dine in and try it out for myself. And much like their flavorful smoothies, the Chicken Caprese pressed sandwich did not disappoint.

Dining out with three kids can be as challenging as an Olympic sport. Between the physical stamina it takes to keep up with multiple kids and the mental agility it takes to carefully choose meal options to avoid the most epic tantrums; it can be the most daunting task of parenting, even to veteran champions who’ve been training for years.

I’m sure you’re all nodding in agreement with me as you visualize your Olympian experience of dining out with kids. But, picture this. An open space dining area with a refreshing ambiance where your kids can watch their food and drinks being prepared. While you sit back in peace, not having to cook anything, and wholly knowing that your kids will consume tasty food and drinks made with fresh, quality ingredients. (In my case, much better and without protest to the food I cook in my own home.) 

We luckily live close to a Tropical Smoothie Cafe. We dine in with the kids pretty regularly and it’s an enjoyable dining experience for all of us.

Family Friendly Dining at Tropical Smoothie Cafe

The boys love their Tropical Smoothie Cafe smoothies. And I’ve learned through hard training to make sure to order the same smoothies for each of them to avoid an all out brawl. (Just kidding, sort of). My favorite part is that Tropical Smoothie Cafe has such a variety of food and smoothie options on their menu. The boys love trying new flavors, which in and of itself is like setting an Olympic record. The fresh, quality ingredients make it such a great addition to our healthier lifestyle. And the tropical fruits and flavors are the perfect addition to round out our delicious meal.

In addition to the Chicken Caprese pressed sandwich, we also tried the Cuban pressed sandwich and I loved the flavor combo! Both are definitely must-tries on your next stop at Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

What’s your favorite smoothie flavor combo? I have a few new ones to try and I can’t wait for our next stop at Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

Don’t forget to try their pressed sandwiches and let me know what you and your kids think!

Family Friendly Dining at Tropical Smoothie Cafe

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Family Friendly Dining at Tropical Smoothie Cafe

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