DIY Easy Installation Rain Shower in Master Bathroom

When it comes to mom life and self-care, taking a long, hot shower with no interruption is at the top of my list. It might sound simple to some, but to me it’s the simplest, yet most luxurious indulgence I have to reset and refresh for the chaos that is my every day life. Nodding with me, mamas?

When we renovated our master bathroom, we installed standard plumbing and hardware options. Our contractor provided a standard set that fit our needs at the time. While it worked for a few months, I’ve been wanting to do a quick DIY easy installation rain shower in our master bathroom. I figured it would be a relatively easy upgrade that we (my husband) could do to transform the overall feel of my hard to come by moments of relaxation.

DIY Easy Installation Rain Shower in Master Bathroom

We recently switched our shower head to the hansgrohe Raindance S180 PowderRain shower head. It took less than ten minutes to install this amazing PowderRain shower head! We just removed the old shower head and short, angled arm. And replaced it with a 12 inch 90 degree angle shower arm and attached the PowderRain shower head. Seriously, I could’ve done it myself! (lol.) The upgrade makes for an easy DIY Easy Installation Rain Shower in Master Bathroom. Our water pressure coupled with the sleek design of the hansgrohe product is absolutely amazing! I wish we would’ve made the simple shower upgrade sooner.

The PowderRain shower head contains gentle, microfine water droplets that feel amazing as the water pours over you. I love that I get the full coverage water flow that helps with rinsing my lion’s mane of hair. And I definitely appreciate that the shower head covers a much wider area of the body. Because, is there anything more annoying than having one arm feel cold while the other is warm? Definitely one of my pet peeves about showering. With the hansgrohe PowderRain shower head, the micro-droplets also make it much quieter than our shower used to be. B L I S S, what’s better than a peaceful moment in the hot shower?

I doubly love the quieter effect of the PowderRain shower head because D gets up before nearly every day of the week. He’s a morning shower-er, so it’s nice to (not) have to listen to him getting ready in the morning.

If you’re looking for a DIY Easy Installation Rain Shower in your master bathroom, I highly recommend the hansgrohe PowderRain products. It’s an easy installation that brings a whole level of luxurious comfort to an every day (or every other) day shower. Shop your new shower head at Amazon!

Do you like your master bathroom? Any other easy DIY home upgrades you’ve done?


DIY Easy Installation Rain Shower in Master Bathroom

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DIY Easy Installation Rain Shower in Master Bathroom

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