The Ultimate Gift for Three Year Olds

Oh this sweet boy! My middle little, C, is a wild spirit. He marches to the beat of his own drum and lives a very carefree, laid back life. He goes with the flow and easily adjusts to situations. C loves to run around, climb on everything in sight, and is a very active little boy. In the same vein, he’s my little cuddly bear and mama’s boy. C’s precious little heart and consideration will never go unnoticed. He’ll always have a special place in my heart for playing the important dual roles of being big and little brother.

The plight of the middle child definitely rings true when it comes to hand me downs. C and his older brother are only 2.5 years apart, so he usually ends up with A’s old toys after he outgrows them. We like to keep birthdays and holidays special for each of the boys though. So, I’m always on the hunt for toys that are tailored to their age and fun for their personalities.

I was elated when Huffy sent us their new RC (Radio Control) Monster Truck. It’s now available at Walmart and it’s the ultimate gift for three year olds!

All of us like getting out of the house for a stroll (or ride) around our neighborhood. C loves to hop on his RC Monster Truck and easily drives it around with the foot pedal accelerator. For my comfort level, there are safety sensors on the Monster Truck. Best part is that it’s super easy to assemble! No fuss or hassle; all you have to do is attach the steering wheel if you want to use it as a ride on toy.

Perfect Toy for Car Obsessed Kids

C’s obsession with cars started at an early age. I think “car” might’ve been his first word! LOL, to say that he loves his car toys would be an understatement. Huffy’s RC Monster Truck is the perfect toy for C and other kids like him who are obsessed with cars! While he loves it as a ride-on toy. He loves that he can play with the RC Monster Truck as the mega-size, radio-control toy, too! The radio control power only operates when the steering wheel is removed, without a child on the toy. It’s a great safety feature. I love that I don’t need to worry about the boys trying to take each for rides.

With 2-toys-in-1, it’s the ultimate gift for three year olds. Huffy’s RC Monster Truck is for kids ages’ 3-7; up to 65 pounds. It’s a great, budget-friendly toy that makes for a BIG surprise, perfect for the holidays.

The Ultimate Gift for Three Year Olds

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Ultimate Gift for Three Year Olds

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