Must Have Baby Toys for All of Your Kids

With three little boys running around our home, we have amassed quite the collection of baby gear and toys. From big to small and every little piece in between, the Dubs boys have made their way through many, many toys. I’ve been trying to down size and clean out some old gear and toys and thought that I’d share some favorites of all three boys.

In the never-ending list of baby toys in our home, these five baby toys have withstood the test of time. From our oldest to our littlest, these are the must have baby toys for all your kids.

Cozy Coupe

All three boys love this car. We’ve had it for five years and it still looks pretty good. It’s lasted through some brutally cold spring, fall weather around here and is a favorite outdoor toy. It’s currently B’s favorite car. He just shrieks in excitement when he peeps through the garage door and sees his car. It’s easy for us to push him around with the bottom panel providing a comfortable seat. When he gets a little older, we’ll take out the panel, so that he can pedal himself around with his feet.


Lawn Mower

This one is a HUGE favorite for all three boys. I think D is secretly excited that he’ll have a ton of help with lawn care in the future. LOL, seriously, we have TWO of these because all three boys (ages 1 – 5) love to play with it. It’s great outdoor push toy for new walkers and is tall enough for babies to grow with it. My five year old still pushes it around with ease and loves to help daddy with mowing the lawn.

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Shopping Cart

As you guys know, winters are cold and long in our area. Indoor toys are a huge life saver in keeping the boys occupied during our stir crazy months. This cart doubles as a walking toy and a great toy for imaginative play. It also houses random toys and gadgets that the boys like to “hide” in their carts. This is also another toy that we’ve had since our first son! In great shape and lasted through many bangs into the wall by all three of our babes.


Another tried and true toy that’s lasted all of our kids is this slide! All three boys climb on top of it daily! The shrieks and laughter, just the best when it’s all three of them playing together! We pull it out during the super hot summer days and/or the super frigid winter days to help the boys get all of their energy out by climbing and sliding. They also like to use it as their base for a fort! They pile up couch cushions and their blankets to create their own secret hideout. It’s so, so adorable and I love listening to the stories they tell each other.

Basketball Hoop

I love how versatile this basketball hoop is for each of the boys. We can adjust the height easily and it is so fun at all different ages (my husband included lol). It’s another must have for those long, winter days. Recreating sports and outdoor activity indoors is the only we get out the stir craziness in this house!

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What are some of your must have baby toys?

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