A Thirty-Something Mom’s Guide to Nashville, TN

Back in late Spring, I spent a fun-filled weekend in Nashville, TN with some of my fave blogger babes! When Chanel texted us about a girls weekend, it took me two seconds to say Y E S! It was my first solo trip since having Baby B. To say that I was excited would be a complete understatement. It was a weekend full of laughter, blog therapy, yummy eats and overall quality time with some of the kindest souls I know in this big world of blogging. Here’s a recap of our short weekend stay in this Mom’s Guide to Nashville, TN.

Mom's Guide to Nashville

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I like opening my travel posts with my favorite topic wherever I go. F O O D! And boy did we indulge in the great restaurants of Nashville! From brunch to late night eats, we ate lots and we ate well.

where to eat, Mom's Guide to Nashville

food in rolf & daughters, Mom's Guide to Nashville



The Rolf & Daughters Perfect Order:
Hamachi Crudo
Beef Short Rib
Spaghetti alla Chitarra
Strawberry & Pistachio Kaffir

food flatlay, Mom's Guide to Nashville


lobster macaroni, Mom's Guide to Nashville


The Pinewood Social Perfect Order:
Avocado Toast
Lobster Macaroni
Lobster Roll
Fish & Chips



The Little Octopus Perfect Order:
Fingerling Potato
Carne Asada

biscuit love Mom's Guide to Nashville

nashville cafe

pastries, Mom's Guide to Nashville


The Biscuit Love Perfect Order:
Hummingbird Family Reserve
Princess Biscuit
Alma’s Potatoes

Thanks to my girl Jenna for the photos & our favorites from the restaurants. Check out her Nashville recap here!


There is much to be seen and heard around Nashville! But, all of the girls and I were on the same page. We wanted to eat well and spend quality time chatting more than anything! We did visit a few fun spots around town that are definitely MUST SEE & DO spots. But, we kept our night life pretty tame and got most of our sightseeing in during the day.


We had a delicious brunch at Pinewood Social (as mentioned above). It’s a fun restaurant with a bowling alley in the back! So much fun! I love the vibe and it’s definitely a place to be out and about, but also being able to enjoy a conversation with friends. I mean it’s a coffee shop, bar, restaurant, AND bowling alley. Whatever your flavor, you’ll find it there!


It wouldn’t be a trip to Nashville without stopping by the shops of 12 South! It’s located south of the Gulch, with so many cute shops and boutiques along the street. We were able to get some pretty blooms at Amelia’s Flower Truck, which was parked near one of the shops. There’s a few flower trucks that change locations throughout the city, but they always have flesh flowers for a handpicked bouquet! 12 South is a great spot to get infamous wall art photos. There’s several murals on the buildings. It’s a tourist spot, but definitely worth it for a visit!

moms selfie

flower truck


For our night on the town, we stopped by the rooftop bar at Noelle Hotel in the heart of downtown Nashville. It felt SO good to have a yummy cocktail, meet a new friend and just enjoy the night life (a la my pre-kids life!). Of course, we didn’t close out the bar. But, we may have stayed up until the wee hours enjoying a few too many White Castle burgers and chatting the night away.

noelle rofftop Mom's Guide to Nashville

burgers and fries


Our trip coordinator and blogger extraordinaire, Chanel found The House Punch listing on AirBnB. We all fell in love with the details of the home. The pictures don’t do it justice. It’s the perfect house rental for a girls’ weekend. All of the fun and colorful decor makes for the perfect Instagram backdrop! Also, it is so spacious and accomodating for a group of thirty-something women, who like to lounge and spend late nights IN, chatting away with the girls!

sleep wear Mom's Guide to Nashville

room in Mom's Guide to Nashville

dainty room in Mom's Guide to Nashville

2 single beds

nice bed Mom's Guide to Nashville


I can’t wait to head back for another weekend in Nashville. Next time I’d like to visit one of the downtown music bars and maybe do one of those cycling bars. But, who am I kidding, our trip was the perfect weekend for this thirty something mama who likes to chat, eat, and sleep when away from the kiddoes!

A Thirty-Something Mom’s Guide to Nashville, TN

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